How Do Sled Dogs Survive The Cold?

Sled dogs in front of sled with a little boy

Sled dogs were such a vital means of transportation, traveling, and hunting in the Arctic areas for many centuries. Some territories were too inaccessible during winter. Humans couldn’t travel on foot until the introduction of snowmobiles and semi-trailer trucks. You’re probably wondering: “How do sled dogs survive the harsh cold weather conditions?” Sled dogs are … Read more

How To Get A Husky To Love You?

Husky with blue eyes

Do you sometimes sit with yourself and ask yourself, “Does my Husky love me?” Or wonder if you are making your little Husky happy during his short life with you. You know that sometimes we are not providing everything that a dog might need, so is your Husky satisfied? Or even worse, you feel that … Read more

Do Siberian Huskies ever calm down?

The Siberian Husky is a common breed around the world. There are many reasons, and their cute look can impress anybody at first sight. Furry double-layered coat on the lean body with piercing ear pointed nose, and hazelnut brown eyes together reflect an appearance comprise of beauty and electrical agility. Along with amazing looks, these … Read more

Mini Huskies: Everything You Could Want To Know

mini husky in the snow

Indeed, huskies are the most adorable, funniest and cutest dogs we’ve ever seen. They are known for there amazing childish and stubborn personality which makes them unique. So what will happen if we make them extra cute, by making them Mini Huskies? “Mini Husky is the small-sized dog in the Husky breed, typically between 14 … Read more