Are Border Collies Good With Kids?

two brothers with a Border Collie

The Border Collie is probably the smartest dog in the world. He is incredibly faithful to his handlers and has proven to be the perfect dog for children.

Why is the Border Collie said to be the smartest? This is due to the famous psychologist Stanley Coren, author of the book “The intelligence of dogs,” in which he lists the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

This book became a world reference for millions of people, despite being written in 1994.

These dogs can feel what their handler feels and respond empathetically. It is sure that without reservations, it will return the love that its owners can give you.

Are Border Collies good with kids? His intelligence and capacity to be empathetic and faithful make him an excellent dog for children, without forgetting that it is an obedient, organized, and tireless dog.

We must take into account that our pets’ behavior will depend on the education we give, how we give it, and the environment in which it is raised.

Border Collies Are Ideal To Accompany Energetic Children

They are considered extremely active, acrobatic, and athletic, which is why their company is special for extroverted children, who move around a lot and want to play all the time.

You will notice its effusiveness because it is a very playful dog, and any external stimulus will make it burst with happiness.

Her relationship with children is very friendly thanks to her ability to be sociable and fun. In general, it will be a very affected dog with family members, but especially with its owner.

Above all, it is perfect for older children capable of understanding the limits of the dog, so that they can then play according to the energy handled by Border Collies.

Is The Border Collie A Dog For Introverted Children?

If the child’s personality is introverted and he does not like to move around a lot, the dog may be bored if his main company is a said child. 

It can show destructive behavior in the environment in which it is due to its excess of badly channeled energy.

Also, considering that the child will not fully enjoy the personality of this breed with excess energy. He may not be willing to play to the extent that these dogs require their owners, which would not be beneficial to the child or the dog.

However, this only happens in cases where the child is really introverted and does not enjoy very moving and physical games.

Can A Border Collie Be Shy With Children?

This dog is eager to have fun and will certainly do so with family members. However, when it comes to strangers, you really aren’t going to be empathetic to them excessively, and you will behave more reserved and even somewhat shy.

But this is not a bad thing, and you just take your time to build confidence and become completely attached to the family. So if you have children in your home willing to play and have fun, Border Collies will be a joy for them.

Don’t be surprised that he is the one which frequently starts games with children.

The Border Collie And Too Young Children

If the kids at home are too young and not ready for physical games, they shouldn’t continuously play without someone else’s supervision.

We must remember that they especially enjoy physical games. Expect him to be reciprocated in their moments of extreme energy and vitality.

We want to avoid conflict, since these dogs may not measure their passion well in the game. The most advisable thing is that if the child is younger than six years old, carefully monitor the relationship they have at the times they are playing with the Collie.

What Is The Ideal Place For Children To Play With These Dogs?

They are, by nature, perfect dogs as companions in the field. Their history goes back a long time, but it is known that they were used as working dogs. Later became herding dogs, they are all considered professionals to do this work.

They are very agile and intuitive when it comes to leading a herd. Before, they guided, observed, and controlled the flock as well as a human. 

However, this technique has to be learned by every Border Collie. Despite being intuitive guides, if they are not trained, they will not know how to perform this activity correctly.

This is why their place has always been large spaces, so it is ideal that at home they have a big place to play, or that they often go to a large park.

They love nature and physical activity, which is perfect if you want to do an outdoor activity and exploration with them. This is one of the great reasons why this breed of dog is so appreciated today.

They will feel happy in the garden playing with the children of the house and taking daily walks in the area where they live or in a nearby park. Children will also appreciate these activities. So both the dog and the child will enjoy being together doing these activities.

However, if the home site is minimal, consider taking several walks a day with the dog so that it does not get boring and can behave destructively.

Children Are Ideal For Giving Attention To Border Collies

This breed of dogs loves to run and exercise and requires the genuine attention of their owners.

They need to be busy doing whatever activities they assign to them as a task, such as picking up a ball, looking for the ball that someone has hidden, among other games.

Sometimes the elders of the house do not have enough time to spend being with their dog, but children become an excellent companion for them due to their time and willingness to dedicate themselves to games and fun.

This attention is essential for them, and most children will be happy to play with these intelligent and happy dogs daily. Their explosive nature and happiness often infect those who play and spend time with them.

Children are on the same page, they love to play, and they usually have inexhaustible energy to stay active and correspond with their personality. They are dogs that will definitely take care of the children of the family.

Is It Safe For Children To Play With Border Collies?

One of the great qualities of this breed is its quality of watchdog.

They have an active and alert character that makes them fantastic dogs to patrol and warn their owners that there are strangers or some danger.

They have a protective instinct and know that they must take care of the family and the children of the family. There is no fear, as they only behave differently towards strangers.

They are playful, but their excess energy is not aggressive. They only need the proper education to be very obedient and the attention enough to dispose of their energy levels.

If the adults in the home cannot take the daily walks that this breed requires, which are 3 of an hour each, or 4 of forty minutes each, the children will be able to help them carry out their daily exercise by playing with them.

Border Collies Learn Without Limits When With Children

Doing the same exercises or games every day is boring for these dogs. They like creativity and learning without limits.

Children are very creative when it comes to playing, which makes the dog always have different routines.

The consequences of repeating the same patterns all the time in these dogs are that they can become a frustrated dog.

They see the fun when they feel fulfilled by pleasing their human companions in new challenges, which is why they love spending time with children.

Children definitely give that creative touch to their lives without even realizing it.


In short, these dogs are ideal for children because they are friendly, faithful, careful, and extremely intelligent.

However, keep in mind that they are dogs that do not like routine and expect constant challenges from their handlers so as not to feel sad. Their demand for care is high.

Children usually have enough energy to accompany this breed’s personality and have time available when adults have reduced.

They are playful and naturally made for the field. They are dependent on wide sites where they can play and run freely.

These dogs are a beautiful gift for the lives of children and anyone. Their joy is contagious, and if we educate them from a young age, their behavior will be very satisfactory. They always try to please their masters to receive their attention.

Do not waste the opportunity for your children to have fun with this beautiful dog that is perfect for children if the conditions are right.

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