Halloween With Your Dog | Choose a Costume?

“WHERE THERE IS NO IMAGINATION, THERE IS NO HORROR” – ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Halloween is knocking on our doors. An event we wait patiently for every year. We express our beautiful costumes, and have one of the scariest, most adventurous, and funniest nights ever! While everyone is preparing his/her costumes right now, we can’t forget … Read more

Nail clipper for dogs, how to use it easily?

Using a dog’s nail clipper yourself is quite important, it saves time and effort. In this article I have given a quick demonstration of how to cut your dog’s nail:
Starting by training him to remain calm during trimming his nails.
Then how to actually trim his nails, you have to use the clipper at a slight angle and never cut the quick. However, it is best to call a vet if you cut the vein accidentally

How to Choose a Good Leash For Your Dog?

Walking your dog is the most important time during your day. It’s the time that your dog starts to change his routine, see other people, pee, and connects with you. It’s called the Quality Time between you and your dog together, and that’s why this time should be spent happily and benefit from every second … Read more

Are Dog Backpack Carriers Safe?

dog in red back pack carrier

Dog backpack carriers have become an essential commodity in  man’s best friend everyday personal items and therefore it is necessary we look at the pro’s and cons to arrive conclusively if backpack carriers are safe for our beloved pets Before we go further it will be appropriate to know exactly what dog backpack carriers are;dog … Read more

The Best Dog Backpacks Reviewed

my dog is viewing te beach

I have been looking at many local stores and places to find a backpack for my dog. All I could find in my local stores where harnesses. I continued my search online only to find out that this is much harder than I thought. Hours I have been reading reviews online. Choose a pack is … Read more