Are Finnish Spitz Good Family Dogs?

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If what you want is to have a happy, fun, intelligent, playful dog that loves children; Definitely the Finnish Spitz is the dog you are looking for.

Are Finnish Spitz good family dogs? The Finnish Spitz is primarily known for being an excellent family pet. He is protective of the people in his family, and he is easy to train. It will be relatively easy for the family to educate him to adapt to new manners.

The Finnish Spitz Loves His Family

This is an extremely faithful dog to his family, especially his master, who prevails more in the house or gives him food. However, he will be very, very loving to the rest of the family.

Also, if the family is big, this Finnish Spitz will love it as they don’t want to be left alone ever.

Your high energy level will be depleted more quickly as you will have many people throughout the day with whom you can interact.

Similarly, we must not forget that the Finnish Spitz needs its daily outings to parks or other places that allow it to run free if the place where they live does not have enough space to do so in their own home.

Is The Finnish Spitz A Good Companion For Children

Do you want an ideal dog for children? You have found it; the Finnish Spitz will be the best companion for the little ones in the house. Both will have someone to play with, and they will be happy.

It has a lot of energy that it wastes while playing, running, or having adventures. A playful child will be a great way to drain your energy during the day.

Besides, the Finnish Spitz will infect children with its tireless energy and permanent happiness.

This breed is especially affectionate with children since they awaken their protective instincts.

We must take into account that this dog is not affectionate with strangers. This includes children that he does not know. They are usually distant, behave strangely, or frequently bark to notify his family that there is someone strange.

The Finnish Spitz is a dog that must start its socialization process with other people and animals as early as possible. So it can adapt to the presence of acquaintances, and other animals other than itself.

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Finnish Spitz Is A Healthy Dog

Luckily, the Finnish Spitz is a very healthy breed. It is very important to know this because when we have it in the home, it will become a member loved by all. 

His personality really makes himself loved.

We do not want to lose this beautiful life partner soon. What we should know about this breed is that there are no genetic diseases associated with this breed and that they are usually long-lived dogs.

We can expect to live with them for about 15 years, without major health problems or completely healthy, depending on the care we have with him.

His health will be related to the diet we give him. A healthy diet, with your daily exercise, vaccines, and necessary treatments such as deworming, helps our Finnish Spitz stays healthy throughout its life.

Excellent For An Active Family

This happy dog ​​is ideal for a very active family who loves activities at home or outdoors.

Please don’t underestimate this breed of dog, because you’ll be amazed at how it can come together in games you decide to teach it. He learns fast, and his high intelligence allows him to adapt quickly. 

However, you have to take into account his quality as an independent thinker. You should know that they can question your requests.

In the same way, this does not end up being a major problem, since as a puppy, you can teach him so that this character is controlled. You can expect that on more free walks, he will follow your orders.

The Finnish Spitz is going to love being adopted by a family eager to go for walks, jogs, or take outdoor trips. And after that, an extra game session won’t hurt, that’s how energetic this dog is. They love to splash in the water.

The Family Will Be Able To Train It Easily

One of the most beautiful things about this dog is seeing how he can become an increasingly better-educated dog.

The Finnish Spitz needs training form the first weeks after his birth. We must understand that the Finnish Spitz needs to socialize very early.

To teach him things, you only need to make positive reinforcements about the actions you expect from him and simply do short sessions throughout the day. 

We must be persistent and repeat this until our pet has adopted it as natural in its behavior.

They certainly require special attention and constant training, before we see them being the dogs we ideally want them to be. 

We must remember that his character as an independent thinker allows him to question particular actions. Still, with positive rewards, they will end up adopting what we want.

The best advice is to teach youngsters about barking. The family should know in itself that the Finnish Spitz is a breed of a dog bred precisely to bark because of its hunting instinct. 

Is The Finnish Spitz Ready To Live In A Family Apartment?

This breed, by nature, is made for the field. But they have adapted very well to new family environments, where spaces are smaller.

Keep in mind that the Finnish Spitz is relatively small despite its impressive appearance, which is why it is sometimes mistaken for a wild animal.

They really are an excellent option for families who don’t live in too wide spaces as long as they do their daily walks and exercises.

Family members must meet a minimum of one walk a day with this dog. Please take into account that they will have additional games with the family and play with other pets or children in the house. 

Finnish Spitz gets along well with children of any age.

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The Basic Care Of The Finnish Spitz, At Home

Generally, it is a dog that does not have a higher demand in addition to the attention to waste its energy. 

Although this is essential to fulfill if we do not want to turn our happy dog ​​into a boring and destructive one at home, attention to the Finnish Spitz is the most important thing.

It is a dog that does not usually give major problems due to diseases. But we must take into account that we will have a new trade at least every 2 or 3 days, and that will be brushing your hair. Read more on grooming a Finnish Spitz here.

We must also check every time we do it that it does not have parasites such as fleas or ticks on its skin. All this is because the skin of this breed is really very sensitive.

Our main task will be to observe the skin with the brushing every two or three days and to make sure that there are no peeling or rosettes. If these appear, they should be treated promptly.

Brushing also helps us to avoid leaving too much hair lying around the house, as it usually does if we forget about brushing.

Can The Finnish Spitz Be Aggressive To His Family Members?

This is a fear that many people have when adopting a new dog at home.

Don’t worry about this, even though the Finnish Spitz is bred as a hunting dog. It doesn’t mean that it will be an aggressive dog. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is an extremely loving dog with his family.

You will wonder if it is also with strangers. The truth is that he is not too loving with strangers because he is reserved and always attentive to danger. 

It is a dog that likes to show its courage and determination. 

He is willing to take care of his family, especially if there are children. So when our dog barks at a stranger, it is not because he is aggressive, but for pure protection. He will never be aggressive.


The Finnish Spitz is an ideal dog for the family. He will be very faithful to them, loving his masters or children of the house.

It will be a dog that will come to bring joys and can also be adapted to smaller environments despite its countryside nature.

You will be ready to accompany the family on excursions, running, walks, or hikes. And you can also tell that your beloved dog will be able to stay in the family for a long time, thanks to the fact that it is very healthy and does not usually cause problems.

It is not a dog that can learn, it is very intelligent, and it will definitely not always be the same puppy that came home. 

If you start teaching him things as a puppy, you will see his evolution and feel how your pet matures. Remember that it is one of the most intelligent races, although sometimes they can question your orders.

Their care does not go much beyond the basic, and you will be rewarded with a pet that will give much love to the whole family.

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