Can Dalmatians Have Brown Spots?

Group of brown spotted and black spotted Dalmatians

The Dalmatian is a type of dog famous for its energetic vibes, friendly behavior, and beautiful looking spots. Their velvet and furry hairs on the body looks fantastic with spots all around their body. 

Dalmatians comes in a category of long and energetic dogs. When you are searching for a social or active family dog with an attractive look, these dogs weigh up the most. However, only if you have enough space in your house. 

The Dalmatians are famous for its white coat with black spots on it. But they are found in a variety of colors including brown. Originally, bred dalmatians are mostly found with black or liver spots. Can Dalmatians Have Brown Spots? The liver color is also called brown, so yes dalmatians can have brown spots. 

What Color Spots Can Dalmatians Have?

  • Black
  • Liver or Brown
  • Orange
  • Tri-color Black/Brown/Orange
  • Blue (Which looks closer to grey)
  • Lemon (Dalmatian can appear to look white)

Generally, newborn Dalmatians are usually completely white. After a couple of weeks i.e, 2 their spots started appearing which look appealing to the eyes. Brown spotted dalmatians looks very attractive, and they are more in demand.

Brown spotted Dalmatians are trendy. Many celebrities own these dogs as their family dog.

The Dalmatian was also bred by an American president.
According to this record. George Washington had purchased a female Dalmatian in 1986. Her name was Madame Moose. A year later he had purchased a male dalmatian to start breeding.

Where The Brown Spots Come From?

Brown spotted dalmatians generally have dark brown or liver spots, but some have spots look like rust due to deficiency of vitamin ‘E,’ always contact a reputed breeder and know about their parents before bringing any dalmatian home. The dog is most likely to follow the traits of their parents, including diseases. Brown spots vary in number for different dogs. The spots have different sizes. They can also found inside the mouth.

The density of spots is more around mouth & neck, but their size is smaller in these reasons. On the back and chest, more prominent spots can be found. Some brown spotted dalmatians have spots covering their one eye completely, and they look cute. In this detailed article about brown spotted dalmatian, we will talk about every aspect about them.

How Brown Spotted Dalmatians are Bred

Breeding a healthy dalmatian is not an easy task. For a healthy puppy, health and diet of parents are very important. Some breeders try to produce several dogs, for earning a few more bugs, as they are high in demand. This practice of breeding cause birth of many defective puppies, so for buying an original puppy always consult a good breeder.

Dalmatians are prone to inherited diseases, many dalmatian puppies born deaf, so don’t buy very young puppy before knowing about their hearing abilities. These dogs are considered nice family dogs, but before purchasing any dog knows about the behavior of their parents, as puppies can also follow the traits of their parents.

In puppies’ qualities of parents get transmitted. Spots of a puppy will depend upon the color of their parents and grandparents. A brown spotted dalmatian puppy could be produced by breeding one black and one brown dalmatian or also by breeding two brown dalmatians. 

Suppose we are assuming black-(B) and brown-(b). Then a brown spotted dalmatian can either be Bb or bb.’ Bb’ shows they have one black and brown spotted parents and ‘bb’ means they have both brown spotted parents. Breeding a Bb with Bb can give Bb, bb and BB puppies, here Bb and bb are brown, but BB is black. When bb is bred with other bb, then only bb puppies are born. Breeding Bb with BB can give Bb or BB puppies.

Dalmatians With Brown and Black Spots

Some puppies are born with both brown and black spots. Dalmatians with brown and black spots is considered a breeding defect. Some different colors and pattern are spotted due to mix breeding. In this conditioned behavior of puppies also change, and they won’t act like the way an original dalmatian behave. Lots of people complain about the bad behavior of their dalmatians.

The Dalmatian is a very gentle breed of dog. Mixed breed dogs can show different behavior. So it’s essential to know whether your Dalmatian is a mix bred or original.

Different Dalmatian Mixes

There are many ways to know whether a dalmatian is mixed or originally bred. Many times, a dalmatian is bred with other breeds to change their physical properties.

A dalmatian comes under the category of big and active dogs. They have a slim and sleek figure. Their muscles are tight and strong, which helps them in running and jumping. 

Strong muscles are the reason for their long stamina. Their chest is deep, and they have long tails, but these physical properties can be altered when they are mixed with other species.

When Border collie is bred with Dalmatian, obtained products have less hair and bigger spots with less hair.

When dalmatian are bred with Australian shepherd, puppies will be long-haired with many spots on their body. 

Sometimes brown spots are changed to orange spots by mix breeding. Some of the mixes bred dalmatian species looks super cute, But they are not original Dalmatian, they look spotted, but their behavior is not the same as the original Dalmatian.

Dogs with very considerable change can be easily observed. For example:
A bulldog bred with Dalmatian is easy to identify as bred product will have a mouth like a bulldog, but in some conditions, it seems difficult to know.

Ways to Identify a Complete, Originally Bred Dalmatian.

Following these techniques will help you in easily identifying originally bred dalmatian.

Always check the coat first, touching dalmatian feel very smooth. They don’t have long hairs. Their skin feels like velvet, so if the coat feels rough or they have long hair, it means they are not originally bred dalmatian.

 The tail is always long and thin and not curved. The Dal is not an original if the tail has long hairs, or curved.

 Dalmatians generally have black, brown, and blue eyes and they are not dependent upon the color of spots. The color of the eyes is dependent on the parent’s eye color, but they are found in only these eye colors.

 Dalmatian typically have a black, blue or brown nose. A brown spotted dog mostly has a brown nose, but even if the color of the nose varies, they can be of only these three colors.

 Nail color of Dalmatian is only white and black. They have arched and cut claws.

 Follow these techniques to identify an original dalmatian, but for getting an original breed role of the breeder is also very important, so consult a reputed or known breeder.


 Dalmatians are very intelligent and active dogs. Spots of your dog will make them look great. They are self-learner, but they need some training and effort by the owner for being a nice pet.

Making some efforts will give you a nice experience of Dalmatian, and you will feel proud of your dog.

  • It is very important to socialize your Dalmatian
  • Teach him to be tolerant, housebreaking, and not to disturb you when you are working
  • Take your Dalmatian out for physical activities; they need lots of physical activity, and not getting enough workout will make them angry.
  • They have snowy white and velvet coat, it makes them susceptible to skin infection, so clean & inspect your dog’s skin regularly.
  • Dalmatian is more likely to get bladder stone, so take care of your dog and provide them the proper dog food. Contact a veterinarian in case any problem occurs.

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