Can Puppies Eat Banana?

Dog eating a banana from a hand

The daily love we receive from our puppies is truly priceless and should always be cherished. In return, we do our best to keep them happy and give them all the delicious treats we can muster. Some treats are better than others, so what about bananas.

Can puppies eat a banana? Yes, puppies can eat bananas in moderation. They are a great treat and are an excellent source of vitamins. It helps strengthen their bones and muscles and keep a puppy healthy and active.

Bananas, a friend or foe? Are they safe?

In our case, a friend! And a tasty one at that! Bananas are an excellent source of vitamins that help our pets increase their immune systems and more! Bananas consist of lavish amounts of potassium and fiber; both are excellent for dogs. 

In moderation, bananas can be an exciting and tasty treat, but they can also benefit your pet significantly.

Hill’s is an avid promoter of banana treats because of their vitamin dense properties. Bananas include but are not limited to Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Copper, and Magnesium, to mention a few. Magnesium is especially beneficial due to its absorbing properties which strengthen bones and muscles to help our pups stay strong and active for years to come.

Bananas are not only easily accessible. They are ideal for when you need a snack in a pinch that you can take anywhere without having to prepare or pack. 

Whether it’s a trip to the park, a walk on the beach, or just handing out with your friend at home, a banana can be picked up and taken at a moment’s notice without prior preparation. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient than that! 

Hassle-free lives are always better–something our furry kids teach us every day. Keep a few bananas in stock in your kitchen. If the bananas start maturing too quickly, remove the peel, cut, and place the pieces into freezer-safe zip-lock bags. 

Place them in the freezer and forget them. Easy and ready to be consumed at a later time!

Can Bananas Replace A Meal For A Puppy?

Although tempting–especially if they keep begging you for more with those signature googly “puppy eyes,”–bananas are not to be utilized to replace meals. Banana treats are merely just that, a fun, motivating treat to reward your pups with. Here are some unique tips on getting creative with your banana treats:

  • For a frozen treat, mash the banana and fill (3/4 of the way) into an ice cube tray – freeze for a couple of hours – add a thin top layer of peanut butter over the top of the banana – refreeze. Serve!
  • For a messy but fun treat, place mashed banana loosely into slow feed bowls for a game!
  • For a simple treat, mash and serve over regular doggie food – this isn’t always as popular, but give it a shot! Your pooch might love it!
  • For a classic banana treat, cut small pieces from the banana and give. Simple but effective. This method is for those who are hungry all the time!

There are many ways to get creative with bananas, as it is a versatile and easy treat to fix up. Not only is it easy on your budget, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing there is only a single ingredient in this treat, banana! 

At their low price, mix, and match with current treats your dog enjoys. You’ll be surprised at the crazy combinations they enjoy!

Get creative! Go online and check for recipes – you can even bake these!

Do Banana Treats Benefit Dogs? Are They Healthy?

Absolutely! The potassium-rich snack is ideal, especially if frozen! Doggies tend to like different textures in their diets, and frozen banana treats are sure to delight your companion. 

Banana chips will provide them with natural energy and motivation to get going. Although high in sugar calories, in moderation, banana treats are a great replacement to store-bought treats.

Another benefit (although not health-related) is the change in flavor for your pet. Think about it; your dog, for the most part, has had and will have the same diet for years to come. As depressing as it sounds, their food barely changes. 

To ensure you provide them with a bit of change and variety every once in a while, add some banana treats! The texture, flavor, and overall appearance will be a welcomed sight for them.

If you feel generous, try adding some peanut butter before freezing for a bomb of flavor that will make you the most popular dog parent in the neighborhood!

And for the ultimate kick, another tip is to add a bit of honey to the banana treats. All are safe (in small amounts) and are deliciously healthy!\

How Much Would Be Considered Too Much?

According to Purina’s experts, as long as your pet’s diet consists of 90% dog food and the remaining 10% treats, your puppy will not be susceptible to unwanted weight gain or adverse effects. 

However, due to the high sugar content in bananas, excessive amounts given will cause increases in weight. 

Additionally, it may cause constipation and discomfort. To avoid overfeeding, start slow. Give your pet only a few bites to get their interest and watch their reaction. Eventually, you will know how much is safe. 

These treats should be reserved for special occasions and not as an everyday occurrence.

In other words, when you start thinking it’s too much, it probably is. Let them enjoy it only once in a while–it will be something of a gift every time!

Can Puppies Get Sick From Bananas? Is It Possible To Get An Upset Stomach?

Digestive issues are uncommon when speaking in terms of bananas. However, due to their high-fiber content, puppies can develop an adverse reaction to their tasty treat. 

This is especially true if they are given an entire banana in one sitting. A few bites would be harmless, but a whole banana would be shocking to their system.

A puppy’s digestive system is not used to the amount of fiber a banana provides. So, to ensure your furry friend does not throw up or even worse, diarrhea poop on your carpet, start slow and give bits and pieces to help them get used to it. 

Be forewarned, they will do everything in their power to guilt trip you into giving them more–don’t give in!

What About The Banana Peels? Can They Be Harmful?

Unfortunately, yes. Please refrain from it! This is one of those cases where the old words of wisdom passed by earlier generations do not come into play. 

Remember the old saying “the outer skin is the healthiest part?” well, in this instance, no, the peel is not edible and should not be used as part of the doggie treat. 

In fact, if your dog somehow gets a hold of the peel and eats it, there is a chance that the pet will have an immediate rejection of the peel, which will surely lead to discomfort because of its tough and chewy profile. 

Although not toxic, the peel will not agree with your poor doggie’s stomach. To avoid a mess, toss the banana peels in the garbage or, better yet, grind in the garbage disposal if possible.

What If My Dog Accidentally Eats An Entire Hand Of Bananas, What Should I Do?

Don’t panic! Like most fruits and vegetables available in a typical household, bananas are unlikely to cause serious health issues to your pup. 

However, you should immediately contact your veterinarian and/or local pet ER for further guidance. It is always better to ensure your puppy is healthy and in no serious health risk. 

Be ready to possibly clean throw up as their body will naturally reject the big amounts of banana and likely induce vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Keep an eye on your dog every few hours. Once they have gotten rid of everything, they should return to their usual selves. Otherwise, there might be a more serious underlying issue that requires immediate professional medical attention. 

The best practice is to ensure your bananas are safely placed in a spot where your doggie cannot reach.

Allergic Reactions, What To Do In Case You See Some Symptoms

Although rare, allergic reactions are possible with dogs eating bananas. Some symptoms of an allergic reaction include coughing and excessive itching. 

Just like a person, swelling of the throat is also a serious common sign of an allergic reaction. 

Wheezing sounds are a tell-tale sign and should be rushed to the pet ER for treatment. If this occurs, don’t panic. Calm yourself and immediately take your pet to proper care.

Feed your pup a tiny piece first and slowly increase the amounts to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Once you examine your pet and see no symptoms of possible allergies, feel free to continue the treat fest!

Serving Sizes–How Much Banana Do I Give?

Now that you went out and got yourself a full-hand of bananas let’s discuss what “normal” amounts consist of. 

To clarify your wondering thoughts of how much to give them, well, wait no more! Here is the simple breakdown; the size of your dog will determine the actual amount. 

Although there isn’t an exact amount available, I have put together a table to give you a direction.

Dog WeightAmount of banana he can eat
Small breeds (20 pounds or less)A few small pieces
Medium-size breeds (20 – 60 pounds)Can eat about halve a banana
Dinosaur (60+ pounds)A whole banana is fine
This table gives an idea of the amount of banana a dog can eat

Again, every dog is different. To stay on the safe side, adopt small amounts at first, and look for a reaction. Hopefully, you are rewarded with a wagging tail and a cute doggie face that screams, “give me more!”


Homemade treats are the best treats. You get to control what ingredients go in them and how much you will give. You will never go wrong by adopting moderation into your treat practices with your doggie. 

Understandably, we are all guilty of overindulging our furry friends every once and a while. But, as the sole person our pets trust, we must take it upon ourselves to always be responsible and only provide them with a safe amount of these delicious banana treats. Otherwise, a tummy ache will undoubtedly be experienced, and your furry best friend’s day will be saddened.

Make it fun, have a banana with them. Make them feel as if they are eating “human food,” and it will make it that much more enjoyable. Maybe teach them a few tricks while you’re at it!

Now go! It is time to reward your doggie with a treat!

It is time to put your chef’s abilities to the test! The good news is, with this simple treat, and with the best judge, you could ever ask for waiting, you will surely succeed! 

Bananas are an excellent choice. They are healthy, easy, and packed full of goodies your dog will love you for. Don’t be shy about trying new recipes and combinations. 

When mixing new ingredients, however, as you’ve done, make sure to research to ensure your furry friend is tolerable and at no risk of getting sick! Mix and match and have fun!

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