Do Border Collies Shed A Lot?

Border Collie in the winter

So many dog owners are in love with their canine friends. Unfortunately, many of them are often not aware of the change in physical characteristics of their dogs; For instance, shedding is one of such changes that worry many dog owners worldwide. Dog shedding is normal, but it may be more than worrying when it comes to Border Collies.

Do Border Collies shed a lot? Well, the answer is yes. They have a thick double coat, which is why they need to shed with every season change. Another reason can be from hormonal changes.

Collies refer to useful while “border” indicates their origin. So, these breeds just from their names mean that they are a helpful breed that is very good at herding sheep. Their body is a thick double coat with the inner coat being wavy/straight and coarse. On the other hand, their dense, short, warm inner coating protects them during winter and summer seasons.

Therefore, expect fur on your compound, but if you take some measures, you can control their shedding patterns.

When you keep this breed, don’t be surprised to see changes in their shedding pattern, but if the condition worsens, you can always consult your veterinarian.

Why Does The Border Collie Shed So Much?

Border Collie Shed their fur to prepare themselves to welcome the new season. Imagine how you usually plan for winter seasons, with the best clothes that would protect t you from the cold, well that what the dogs do too.

When summer approaches, these dog breeds will shed their winter coat and replace them with a light coat.

By so doing, they can be able to adapt ten the changing weather pattern. Also, shedding should sound like a reasonable thing to any dog owner because it helps the dog get rid of damaged fur. Scientifically, this process helps the dog to maintain a healthy working follicle. The other reason for increase shedding may be due to hormonal changes.

Does The Amount Of Shedding Change With The Seasons?

If you are keeping two breeds of dogs, you would see them shedding their coat slow by slow as the season’s approach. 

However, this is not the same with Border Collies because the rate at which it sheds off its fur as the season’s approaches is alarming. 

Around 20% of dog owners visit veterinarians because of how Border Collies sheds off its coat. 

These dog breeds are more sensitive during spring and summer as they are the only seasons when it drops most of its fur.

It’s when summer and winter approach that your dog will lose a lot of hair, a condition commonly referred to as “blow coat.” Fall sit yeh season when the dog will shed her dead hair and develop a full and thick coat to enable it to survive the cold weather and short daylights. 

As if it’s a trend, Border Collies will again lose its winter coat in spring so that it can withstand warmer weather and the longer days. 

So, the answer is yes, the amount of shedding will change with seasons.

Can A Diet Influence The Amount Of Shedding?

Food is essential for any living organism; dogs aren’t an exemption. In fact, by now, you should have known that a healthy diet amount to a healthy life.

Dogs require various essential minerals, vitamins, and proper nutrition to maintain healthy skin. Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids obtained from flax-seed and salmon oil can help manage the Border Collies shedding pattern. They also need Linoleic acid, Zinc, Vitamins E, B, and A for healthy skin.

Veterinarians have their way of determining which nutrient it’s missing, and they will suggest to you the best dog treats equipped with an essential nutrient that can improve your digs skin health. If you think diet and shedding aren’t linked, then perhaps you are not right; these two have a link. A consistent poor diet can initiate shedding.

Tips That Can Help To Reduce The Amount Of Shedding A Border Collie Does

Although shedding may seem like a regular thing, your house must always remain in order.
Health-wise, it’s not advisable to have dog hair spread all over your lounge. As a caring person, you can try some of these methods to reduce shedding.


During shedding periods, your sofa is likely to accumulate a lot of dog fur. You can prevent this by brushing your dog. The essence of brushing is to remove their surface coat, reducing the hair that falls in your living room.

As much as brushing is the best way to manage the shedding, you should do it regularly when the dog is shedding a lot of hair and at least 2-3 days per week on other days.

You can purchase a special undercoat brush equipped with soft pins. Such a brush will remove the outer coat, but you mustn’t brush against the hair flow.

High-Velocity Dryer

grooming is a crucial step when you want to reduce shedding in Border Collies. Many of us wash our dogs, and they take them to a professional groomer to dry their coat. This process not only dries the body but also eliminates loose and dead fur on their skin.

Although this machine may be expensive, you can sacrifice a little to purchase your High-Velocity Hair drier. It’s practical to dry their skin once a week. It controls and removes the accumulated air that otherwise would have fallen on your couches.

Dedicate time for outdoor exercises

The Border Collie is a fascinating dog breed; it likes running and rolling in the outdoor. When you take him out for exercise, you shall have a happy dog. 

As much it’s one of the set ways of controlling shedding, it will also improve its health. 

First, as the dog turns and rolls on the ground, its loose hair will remain on the ground. 

Secondly, exercise will increase its heart rate, thus increasing the blood flow. It ensures healthy skin and quick replacements of the fallen hair.

Fleas and ticks

As much as we say it’s natural for Border Collies to shed hair, it’s also not healthy for it to drop a lot of hair.

When this happens, and you see it scratching its body as well, then its time for the next step. The dog may have been infected by a parasite, perhaps fleas or ticks that irritate their skin.

At this point, if you are not a veterinarian, its best to call professional to examine the dog. They will know how to help it out.

Healthy Nutrition

As we listed above, diet plays a significant role in regulating your dog’s hair’s shedding pattern. Dog’s food should contain all the essential nutrients, and improper nutrition in the correct quantity results in insufficient supply of a given nutrient.

For instance, the dog needs omega-3 and omega-4 fatty acids to be able to maintain healthy skin. By enhancing dogs’ diet using supplements and treats, you’ll be able to reduce shading.

What Can Cause A Border Collie To Shed More

Border Collies can be a good friend when you are herding your sheep. However, as the intensity of shedding magnifies, you fail to understand the underlying factors behind this happening.

Well, the truth is that there is something behind its shedding; some are scientific, while others are physical factors.

By monitoring these factors, you can know the exact cause of excessive shedding and probably find a way to prevents it, although some factors like seasons can’t be altered. Let’s dig dipper and discover the causes of shedding.

Shedding Seasons

Shedding Seasons is the most natural cause of Border Collie’s shedding. It shouldn’t worry you when you see the dog sheds of its coat as it approaches a winter, summer, or spring. 

The primary trend of shedding seasons is always in spring and Fall. 

The dog will shed off their coat in spring in preparation for the warmer months. It will shed most of the hair during the Fall so that it can develop a warmer coat. 

It’s a continuous process, so expect shedding to occur twice/year.

Losing puppy hair

A journey of life is always challenging when a puppy is born; it will have a very thick and fluffy coat. This puppy coat ensures its survival during its initial 6-12 months as it keeps it entirely warm.

As they mature into an adult dog after one year, they will shed their puppy coat and begin to acquire the adult coat.

At this period, there is heavy shedding, and a vacuum cleaner may be necessary to keep your house clean.

Recently castrated dogs

Even though this process may seem good for your male dog, there may be another shortcoming. 

Many neutered dogs shed a lot of fur for several months. Testosterone is among the hormones in the body that keeps hair follicles shiny and thick. 

Castration disrupts the hormones and their activities, and as a result, some hair will die. 

This condition is not Permanent; after a short time, your dog will recover, and all the hair will develop as they were before.


Dogs do get stressed? Of course, yes, just like human beings, specific changes in the environment may get them too anxious.

Furthermore, Border Collie’s feel more stressed, especially when their owner is stressed. Therefore, it’s a good thing to stay calm and provide a conducive environment for your dog.

Physical pain can also be the best cause of dog stress. Although this condition may not trigger the onset of shedding instantly, if stress persists, the dog may drop a lot of hair.


There are certain ingredients used in foods that may not favor your dog. A dog may also be allergic to a new environment or object placed near it. And as such, it’s good to determine the exact cause of allergy and remove it.

The symptoms include itchy & watery eyes, inflammation between paw pads, sneezing, and inflamed-itchy ears. If you can’t identify what caused the allergy, remember to call the veterinarian

Poor diet

A healthy diet incorporates essential nutrients and in the right quantity. When your dog gets the best nutrition, it will develop healthy skin and more strong hair roots that play a bigger role in shedding.

You can also look out for dogs’ supplement foods from online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Fleas, Ticks, and Parasites

When parasites infect a dog, their body becomes itchy. They will be uncomfortable; as a result, they will scratch their bodies and lose a lot of hair. Properly inspect your dog for any parasite.

You can buy insecticides or shampoos for cleaning the dogs when they have fleas or ticks. Ensure you wash their bedding to avoid the spreading of the parasites.

Can Excessive Shedding Of A Border Collie Be Health Related?

We would say that there are some medical conditions that may cause excessive shedding. You may not know if you are not a veterinarian, but here is what to look out for. 

Autoimmune problems and Hormonal imbalance can be the reason behind Border Collie’s excessive shedding. 

The primary health conditions that can contribute to shedding are Sebaceous Adenitis and Mange. 

See a veterinarian; you will get help.


Do Border Collies Shed? If you were so determined to answer this question, then we are convinced that you now know the answer.

Shedding is all normal and natural; perhaps it’s time to take measures and protect your dog form conditions that any harm it. Remember, a suitable vacuum hair drier will help you remove Border Collies Fur and keep your home clean.

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