Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldog resting

Shedding is very necessary for animals who want to mature as they get older. Reptiles are a prime example of this and are very healthy if they start shedding. This may not be the case with mammals that you may own, depending on what you have. Cats can easily take care of themselves, even if you’re not in the house. Dogs, on the other hand, require a lot more attention.

Do French Bulldogs shed?

It is quite rare to see french bulldogs shed regularly. For the most part, they will only do it during certain seasons, and even then, it’s only a few times a year.

Try to count the number of times they shred if they are truly happy.

Shedding can mean different things for different mammals.

Why Does The French Bulldog Shed So Much?

There are many different reasons as to why your French Bulldog might be shedding so much. Stress is something that is very real with other animals. Perhaps the dog has intense instincts telling them what to do but not able to do it.

It could be a sign of poor nutrition if the dog hasn’t been eating what they should, that could be an important factor. Take notice of certain tendencies your dog will have during the day and record them.

If you think it’s serious, tell your veterinarian what you see and see if there are any medical issues.

Does The Amount Of Shedding Change With Seasons?

The shedding isn’t going to change from season to season. There are only two seasons in the year where French Bulldogs are supposed to shed regularly in Spring and the Fall. 

If you want to minimize the amount of hair that is going to fall off of your French Bulldog, groom him regularly and adequately.

Spring is a very convenient time for animals of all kinds to start shedding. Depending on where you live, they spend a lot of time in the cold and needed their coat of fur. 

Now, they will be playing in the sun where it can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some places in America. They will probably be eager to get this hair off when the time comes and be a lot happier. 

You may have to groom them more then you did in the Winter because they will grow their hair faster.

When it comes to the Fall, they will only want to grow their hair back towards the end of the Fall. At the beginning of the Fall, there are many days where it will be way too warm for them to grow their hair back. 

In the Winter, there will be a lot more of a practical reason for them to grow their hair back. 

Depending on where you live, even wearing clothes on the dog may not make them warm enough for a walk. During this time, you should focus on washing them, so they don’t itch themselves too much.

Can A Diet Influence The Shedding Of A French Bulldog?

A diet is important for every animal. Food is what will define an animal’s health as well as their current health. 

Having a proper diet also regulates the hormones of every animal, especially dogs. Things like this can absolutely affect the shedding of a dog. 

Of course, the dog is going to shed somewhat during different seasons. The problem is when the shedding becomes unhealthy. If a dog is on a bad diet, they will shed a lot more than if they were on a proper diet.

A diet is what a dog eats, however supplements and medication could also affect the status of your dog’s hair. Every living thing needs food to prosper, but they may not be getting all of their nutrition. 

Supplements allow an animal to get nutrients that take a lot more food to get it out naturally. 

Supplements are going to give your french Bulldog the best possible coat that it can get naturally. Talk to your veterinarian to see what they should be getting. That doctor can even sell you the supplements directly.

There is also some oil that your veterinarian might recommend for your dog. Fish oil has been proven to lower the actual chance of your dog shedding during these seasons. Though these supplements can help, the most important thing is their real meals. 

Most people just go to their local pet shop and get the standard food for their dog. Usually, that will do the trick. 

However, if you still see them shedding, try feeding them something that they are allowed to eat. Different diets are likely to lead to better results.

Tips That Can Reduce The Amount Of Shedding A French Bulldog Does

Hygiene is really important in every animal’s hair. If it isn’t cleaned regularly, parts of their hair will start clumping and fall off. Baths are not something you should often do with your French Bulldog. 

Unlike humans, most of their outside skin is not exposed. However, this is also not something you should do very often. Cleaning your dog with soap and shampoo every weak is going to do more harm than good. You should limit the baths of your french Bulldog to one month.

Brushing your dog’s hair is also an essential step to reduce shedding. It will keep their coat healthy and will minimize the amount of shedding they do overtime. This can also get any other materials that may reside in the coat out. 

Doing this every couple of days will eliminate potential pests that may have otherwise wanted to attack your precious dog. 

Grooming will result in increasing happiness of your dog. They will do more to be productive and look more attractive to other dogs.

The most important thing you can do is to listen to your veterinarian. This doctor’s job is to be educated on the pet that you own and notify you of potential problems by taking a quick examination. 

They could find fleas or tics that have been slowly killing the dog, which you may not have known about otherwise. 

If they are sick and need medicine, that will also affect the amount of shedding that the dog has. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication that makes them feel better. 

It may not work immediately, but over time, you will see results.

What Can Cause A French Bulldog To Shed More?

Pests are a big factor in what makes these dogs shed unnecessarily. This is mostly a problem of hygiene when it comes to the dog. If the dog runs around in clean areas, they probably won’t have a problem when it comes to pests. 

However, if they are always in the mud, running around in dust or other surfaces, pests will be attracted to them. Try to keep your dog away from pests as much as possible because it can be a big problem if it starts to snowball.

A diet is also a big part of how much hair your dog will grow over time. If your dog has a healthy diet, then, for the most part, they will only shed twice a year. However, if you see them shedding every few weeks, that is much more often than how often they are supposed to shed. 

The typical food you get from the pet shop will do the trick. However, if they aren’t getting the nutrients they need, you may have to try another option. 

Ask your veterinarian about what the best diet is for your French Bulldog to reduce the shedding.

Scratching and licking is another big factor that leads to shedding.

Scratching will happen when a part of the dog feels the sensation to do so. However, an excessive amount of this will make them do more damage then what was initially planned. This should be very apparent to you if they are doing this every day. 

In most cases, you can make the dog wear a cone for a while to make sure that they reduce this activity and stop hurting themselves. After this, they are likely going to drop that habit.

Can Excessive Shedding Of A French Bulldog Be Health-Related?

Just because a french Bulldog is shedding more than normal doesn’t mean that it is health-related. 

Many other factors can lead to shedding, and most of them stem from the dog being neglected. 

The skin under there hair can be irritated, and they will scratch themselves as much as possible. Inevitably, to satisfy that itch, they will remove hair to reach their skin. 

Fleas and other pests can make dogs lose their hair even if they’re in the best health.

That being said, there are many health-related reasons why a dog will shave their hair prematurely. 

When a dog is having issues with their liver or kidney, the stress will put them under pressure, and shedding is an effect of that. The dog may also have infections that are making their hair fall off. 

Most of the time, they aren’t going to be able to fight that naturally, take them to a veterinarian to resolve the issue. There are certain things that humans can eat that dogs can’t, which could also lead to this.

If you have a female dog, shedding might just be a stage of her maturity. When a female dog is nearing their pregnancy stages, they are going to shed more and more. This is very natural because the dog is going to get bigger than when they normally do. 

They also need to prepare for what is going to happen after pregnancy. The mother needs to lactate and make sure that her children can get milk from them. That is going to require them to lose some hair in that area and is completely natural.


Shedding can be scary for people who don’t know that much in general about their dog. Eventually, every mammal should want to lose their hair for different reasons. Still, for French Bulldogs, it’s not something that’s going to happen that often.

Whenever you think it would be uncomfortable for your dog to have its coat of hair, they should shed. This should only happen twice a year and make sure that they do it before the summer gets hot.

There are more serious factors that can lead to shedding.

What the dog is eating is going to play a role in their shedding. Some dogs are eating way too much and will lead to the loss of some hair. Some dogs aren’t eating enough, which will lead to a strange looking coat.

Most of the time, it’s really easy for them to have a nice coat of hair. Ensuring that they are properly taken care of is one of the most important steps to make sure that they don’t shed irregularly.

Getting checked for fleas or ticks can help in the long run of preventing hair loss.

The dog could be irritated and stressed out, which may not be a direct cause of their health. If there is a part of themselves that is very itchy, they are going to scratch that part as much as possible.

In the worst case, the dog may remove the hair and damage the skin underneath all of that hair.

All you have to do is talk to your doctor to make sure that they stop doing that In most cases, all they need is a cream or a cone around their head to make them stop doing that.

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