Do Siberian Huskies ever calm down?

The Siberian Husky is a common breed around the world. There are many reasons, and their cute look can impress anybody at first sight. Furry double-layered coat on the lean body with piercing ear pointed nose, and hazelnut brown eyes together reflect an appearance comprise of beauty and electrical agility.

Along with amazing looks, these dogs contain traits of being profound hard working. In their origin, a polar region of Siberia they are used to pull sled from many centuries. They have a reputation for being high energy dogs. This is why I thought about writing an article about how to calm down a Siberian Husky?

The most difficult, but also the most important thing is to ignore his hyperactive behavior in your Husky combined with:

  • Encourage calm behavior. Give him affection and attention being in this state to enforce this state.
  • Two walks a day of minimal 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Create an outlet like playtime to wear off access energy and keep his mind stimulated.
  • The strongest sense organ of a dog is its nose. Scents like lavender or vanilla have a relaxing effect on dogs.
  • Calm yourself. Your dog can sense your state of mind. If you are not calm, you can’t expect your dog to be.

Accompanied with great stamina and muscular strength, these dogs are also great friends of human beings. Due to their docile and friendly nature, they have gained a special interest from dog lovers around the world.

Even though they are not made to live in tropical seasons, people buy them and arrange cool air-conditioned accommodation for them.

Owners mostly admire and feel proud of having a Siberian husky for many reasons, but generally, they have one complain that they stay active all the time, and sometimes they get more hyper, which goes beyond control.

If you are also one of the proud owners of Husky and have complaints about this behavior, don’t worry, this behavioral problem in your husky can be fixed. And you can make you are husky more focused and less hyper. So, let’s talk about how to calm down a husky, in detail.

How to Calm Down a Siberian Husky?

Your Siberian Husky is a very close relative of wolves, as well as their ancestors used to pull a sled for transportation in polar regions. Being close relative to wolves causes agility, attentiveness, energy, stamina, and aggression. Whereas because of having a lengthy history of being a working dog, they carry traits that make them use lots of energy and do the hard work.

Due to this mixture of traits, your Husky doesn’t sit calmly and always stay excited. Many of your socks, shoes, and toilet papers had probably been successfully destroyed by your Husky for entertainment purposes. Oops, they look even cuter when they commit crimes like this, but not every day.

Well, don’t lose your patience. You are not the only one with this problem, as I said it is because of their genetic character. Hopefully, now, as an owner, you have felt huskies do not behave as timid and sorry the way they look like.

That’s why it is said that these dogs are not for first-time dog owners, because to tolerate these behaviors, one must be well known to dogs. You will need to show a lot of patience and tolerance when you own this beautiful pie.

Using some effective ways which are proven, you can make you Siberian Husky more relaxed and calmer. In other words, you can sort of teach them. So, let’s talk about these ways.

What are Effective Ways to Calm Down a Husky?

Huskies are energetic dogs, but sometimes their energy becomes a problem or tough to handle for their owner if the dog is not adequately trained.

In some circumstances, when any guests arrive at your home, your Husky starts running toward them. Under this situation, even though your Husky is not aggressive, it’s enough to make your guest feel uncomfortable or frightened. You will never want a dog with this kind of behavior.

There are many other examples when your huskies over energetic behavior freak you out. Like while feeding, if your Husky starts jumping on you rather than to wait until you give him his food plate or bowl. Sometimes moaning and howling of the Husky can distress you. Generally, they howl very loud at a very high pitch. At night this behavior will make you feel like being tortured. But there are several proven effective ways which you can use to make your husky calm and more focused. Let’s see them one by one.

• Take him for a walk every day

This is probably the best way to have him get rid of that access energy. It channels all that energy into his legs to get burnt. Just like in nature, where dogs live in packs. Together they walk for hours to find food. The best times to go out for a walk are in the morning before breakfast or in the afternoon before dinner, so when you return home, you can reward your Husky friend with a bowl of food. This rewards him as well as enforces the calm behavior he shows just after the walk.

• Let him play

Let him play, yes, as we have already talked about huskies are energetic as well as hard working. Genetically they are molded to work hard and exhaust a lot of energy. If you will let him stay at home and want him to enjoy luxury, he is not going to accept that, because they are not made like that.

If you don’t allow him to play outside, they will play with your interior items or anything he gets. Only taking him out to housebreak is not enough. As walking for a few minutes will not exhaust his energy. Let him play for at least 40 min outside in a park or open space. Leave him with his type of dogs for some time. They like little rough play, so don’t mind.

Husky playing with a ball

• Take him out for running

Just compare his origin atmosphere to yours. In Siberia, they were used to pull sleds. Just imagine how much energy they were used to exhaust. Even after adapting to the new atmosphere, some genetic factors play their role.

They need to run and do proper full-body workout daily. Originally, Huskies were used to even sleep with women and children to give them heat. They were living with the tribe calmly after doing their daily work. If you take him out for a run, not only it will help him exhaust his energy and staying calm, but also it will establish a good relationship with your dog. The better he will understand, it will be easier for you to train them.

• Take him to the dog park

Taking him to the dog park would be a good option. It will help him socialize with other pets, and it will reduce his excitement, which comes after seeing a new dog.

In a dog park, you will get a lot of many different activities for a dog, like passing from the canal, sliding and in dog parks, you can unleash him and let him run freely.

In this way, he will not only get to familiarize with other dogs and learn obedience skills as well as it will be a great energy reliever for him.

If you are taking your husky out, then few precautions are also compulsory like always keep an eye on him, don’t let him indulge in a dog fight, etc.

Reward him for good behavior

For making your dog understand what’s right and what to do, you must keep rewarding him for his good behavior, and you must ignore his bad behavior.

Only reward if your dog is doing what you want him to do. The simple formula should work and earn.

For grooming your dog to the next level, you will have to get over from the affection you have for him. Make him do small stuff as per the training requirement and reward him with his favorite food or with a bone or his favorite toy.

• Persistent training

Persistent training is essential if you want to see improvement in your dog’s behavior. If you gap training sessions, then your dog may forget the lessons you have taught before.

Persistent training will help you & your dog moving with the goal.

Whatever training method you are using or you are taking the help of a dog trainer. Being regular will help you commence your job more efficiently.

What Can an Owner do About an Extremely Hyper Husky?

When your Husky is exceptionally hyper, then he will ruin you well set house. It happens when energy inside them burst, and they are not the dog to whom you can expect to behave like a gentleman. They are a package of beautiful chaos. If the same Husky is running here & there through a garden, he looks exceptionally cool, but inside the home, it’s troublesome.

To avoid the husky spreading chaos at home, regularly take him out of the house and let him do complete overall exercise. As mentioned above, it will decrease its energy level.

There is some clinically-tested music you can get, which will help you calm down your husky. The specialty of this music is, it will gain the attention and focus of the Husky. I have read some great reviews of it, but test yourself. If your husky will be focused, he will stay calm. The music is from; you can read more about it on their website.

If your Husky is behaving extremely hyper, then drive your attention away from him. He might be doing it for getting your attention or might be he thinks that you like it. To break his assumption, start ignoring him when he is showing hyperactive behavior.

One thing you can do is to reward him when he is sitting calmly and listening to your command. You can put him on a comparatively short lease and let him do whatever he is doing silent treatment is best.

To groom your Husky for staying calm at home, and to train him to stop being hyper at home, you can use various training methods about which I am going to tell you.

Train Your Husky to Be Calm

Huskies are agile and energetic, so it’s, of course, the husky thing to behave little ungentle, and of course, it looks cute. But the problem comes when he never stay calm and even unfollow your commands.

There are many methods you can use to train your husky to stay calm. Make sure that these methods should be repeated persistently and not with the wrong mood and attitude.

First method: try to understand the mind of your husky. In a situation when he gets a more hyper understanding, the reason for his behavior will make your job a little easier. Suppose if he received attention by running or howling, he will then run and howl all the time when he wants your attention.

In this situation, if you will start physically punishing him, he might calm down in the beginning, but he will get frightened and lose confidence in you. Also, it can lead to behavioral disorder in which he won’t follow your command or will behave aggressively to you. This kind of trait can also be transferred to their babies if he will be further bred.

Second method: you can use to make your husky calm is by simplifying training him to focus on you. In this method, tell him something, and if he is listening to you for more than 30 sec reward him, with his favorite meal.

Repeating this method continuous will make him more attached to you, and he will stay focused toward you while sitting nearby. Try to increase the time duration gradually.

Another thing: if he is used to behaving hyper after seeing any guest, then train him by doorbell method. Ring the bell and see his behavior if he stays calm, then reward him.

You can also take your friends or family members’ help. You simply sit with your husky inside your room and ask your companion to open the door slowly, not entirely, then watch his behavior. If he stays calm even after seeing the opening of the door, reward him and continue the process until he learns to do these without any reward.

The Reward method is best all the time. 

You can also do a few multilevel pieces of training to teach your dog to stay calm. 

Never use any harsh methods to see things happening too early. Huskies are not so easily trainable. Even though they are friendly and intelligent, they have different traits. The methods will only work when you apply them persistently over some time.

Closeup of a calm Husky


This whole article concludes a few things about how to calm huskies. The methods described above will definitely be beneficial for husky owners dealing with this kind of problem.

The main flashpoints from the article are to keep you husky calm at home. You must take him to the dog park, for running and allow him to play outside.

To train him to stay calm, you can use various reward-based methods.

Never use any inappropriate means of training even though it’s giving results.

Follow the methods above and enjoy the company of a well-groomed husky.

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