How Many Pups Can A French Bulldog Have?

French Bulldog puppy in mommies arms

This subject comes to worry us a little when we want puppies from our pets. There are moments when we want the puppies, but we don’t fulfill the required space, or the necessary money for the care that our next little guests deserve, today you will learn something that you will need to know…

How many pups can French Bulldogs have? The gestation period of the French Bulldog takes between 58 and 68 days, after which 3 to 6 puppies will be born, but there are exceptions. We can know the exact number of puppies through a simple ultrasound scan. 

What Disease Should You Be Aware Of Before Getting Your Frenchy Pregnant

The French bulldog is a sociable and playful dog, ideal if you have children, but it usually suffers from respiratory limitations and allergies, so before taking it home you should analyze if you will be able to cover its needs, you should have this very present, a delicate dog requires a delicate attention and of good quality.

The fundamental problem of the health disorders of this breed comes from the irresponsible breeding and not from the animal itself.

For example, we must take into account:

If a male and a female are crossed, and both suffer from respiratory problems (a very common problem in this breed), there will be possibilities the offspring will inherit this problem.

Once you have confirmed that your French Bulldog bitch is pregnant, the time for gestation arrives, which lasts two months (approximately 63 days) as in the rest of the dogs.

Since we left this small “warning” in the clear, we can continue to talk specifically about the reproduction and the puppies of this race.

Reproduction Of The French Bulldog

Concerning reproduction, there is not much different from any other dog breed. 

The females have their first heat around half a year old. From then on, it will occur twice a year for about fifteen days. We will know because they behave differently: they usually want to urinate more times, are more restless, and may even suffer some swelling of the vulva. These are general issues with females.

IIn most Frenchies, the gestation period will be around two months; after that, between three and six puppies will be born. 

We will be able to know the exact number of pups through a simple ultrasound scan. 

In the case of not wanting descendants, the most recommendable thing is to sterilize the animal, whether it is a male or a female.

rench Bulldog females give birth to between three and six puppies, and it is often necessary to apply a Caesarean section. 

Females present many difficulties at the time of giving birth because of the morphology that this breed presents, many people may consider breeding with this breed. Still, we must take into account this fact. 

The Caesarean section is usually necessary, so it is convenient to carry out follow-up ultrasounds during the pregnancy and, in the case of the least suspicion of a problem, program the intervention of the pregnancy.

The typical number of puppies born is between 3 and 5, however, especially in cases of artificial insemination, up to 12 puppies can be born. There have even been cases of even more puppies. 

With an ultrasound scan, you will be able to know the approximate number.

Why Is Having A C-section Necessary?

In most cases, a Cesarean section is necessary so that neither the female nor the pups will suffer or die. It depends on the number of pups. As they have a large head, a C-section will be necessary. 

You can try a natural birth at home, however, always under the supervision of a veterinarian. But I would advise you to schedule an appointment with your vet.

The main causes of problems at the time of delivery are “dystocia” and “uterine inertia.” The first case (birth) consists of the impossibility of expelling one or more puppies that are too big in relation to the mother or the incorrect placement of puppies. 

In 70% of cases, a Cesarean section is performed. This is due to the size of the French Bulldog puppy’s head, which is too big at birth. 

Current means and surgical techniques help to make the Cesarean section very safe. The risks of performing a Cesarean section are the same or even lower than treating a complicated birth without surgery.

Things To Know When Your Frenchy Is Pregnant

Comfortable place:

If the mother-to-be has not made her nest, you see that she is looking for a place in the house where she feels comfortable and protected. 

She starts to spend more time in that shelter; then, about ten days before the approximate date of delivery, you should set up a quiet and comfortable place. Make a soft bed for the puppies from some blankets or towels, for example.

Calm and quiet:

It is very important that you take it easy and calmly as this is what your dog needs at these times. 

She will come to the nest; you must not, in any case, move her, or she may suddenly decide to give birth in another place. Do not influence or overwhelm her.

Change of attitude:

Between 18 and 30 hours before the birth, you can probably observe a change in the mother’s attitude. She becomes a bit more nervous, distant, and of course, closer to the nest, which we talked about earlier.

When it’s time to breastfeed:

Most likely, some of them will start to suck, and it is essential to be aware that they all eat, even if there are too many of them. You must make sure they all take turns and eat. 

It is also convenient to check your female’s breasts to see if they all give milk. 

There are cases in which the females have already gone through several periods of giving birth to several offspring. 

For example, if she has already suffered two C-sections. The ideal would be not to put her in another situation of giving birth since you would put her health at total risk. This would be too much for her body, and giving birth normally (to give birth) would be totally complicated. 

As we already let you know previously, the problems that can be presented in the deliveries with this breed. The best thing for her health would be to be sterilized and avoid the exploitation of the females.

If an ultrasound is not possible:

If an ultrasound scan is not possible, the French Bulldog bitch can be replaced by an X-ray, which does not affect the puppies’ or the bitch’s welfare at all. 


The use of medication during gestation should be reduced or eliminated completely. If necessary, they should be administered with great caution and always under strict veterinary control because they can cause fetal alterations. 

It is highly recommended to deworm the female French bulldog on the 45th day of gestation. This way, you avoid the transmission to puppies via the placenta to parasites, which could cause severe problems in the puppies’ digestive system. 

The same deworming should be repeated in the mother, about ten days after birth. 

Another piece of advice is to change the mother’s diet from day 30 of gestation. The most appropriate food would be products for growing puppies. The special food should be kept until the expected time.


As you can read and understand, this breed is very complicated. Make sure your dog gets proper attention and care of a veterinarian. 

It is something nice that you want to have the puppies of your French bulldog pets, but you must have an intensive routine when you read how you must be prepared for the time of delivery. 

Usually, there are not many puppies; their body really is not so prepared for that, they come to suffer a lot and can cause an unexpected death to the puppies.

The French Bulldog is a very friendly breed, and these animals deserve to be well cared for.

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