How To Get A Husky To Love You?

Husky with blue eyes

Do you sometimes sit with yourself and ask yourself, “Does my Husky love me?”

Or wonder if you are making your little Husky happy during his short life with you. You know that sometimes we are not providing everything that a dog might need, so is your Husky satisfied?

Or even worse, you feel that your Husky is ignoring you and doesn’t want to interact with you!

I understand all of these thoughts, and I can assure you that I often have the same feelings about my dog. And by following some simple tricks, my dog became much more bonded to me than before.

How to get a Husky to love you? Your husky adores you from the first moment he is home. All you need to do is strengthen to bond. Provide him in his needs. Give him your love, play with him and provide him with food and walks together.

Making your Husky love you is essential and accessible. While it requires some time, it’s still possible. The tricks covered here will surely help you.

Building trust between your dog is essential, and it will surely help your relationship in the long run. Remember always to have fun training with your dog and to spend some quality time with him.

Not All Dogs Show Love The Same Way

Dog showing love
Dog showing love

You are browsing Instagram, and you can see all those fantastic pet videos which are very affectionate. Or the pets who are barking at their owners for not cuddling them and many more videos.

Then you try to do anything with your dog and realize that your dog runs away from you when you try any of the Instagram’s challenges with him, then you think that your dog hates you.

We have to understand that dogs don’t love the same way; they have different personalities, just like humans.

For example, we have an independent dog, this character loves cuddles and everything, but it’s not a clingy character.

So, if you have an independent dog, you won’t find him following you 24/7 in the home, but instead, he will show love gently while keeping his prestige.

Another example is my dog. Mayla never comes to me to ask for love. However, she adores the cuddles when I go and cuddle her.

She never tries to sit on my lap by herself. However, she would be delighted if I approached her, lift her from the ground then placed her on my lap.

Therefore, Instagram or Facebook dogs shouldn’t make you feel disappointed that your dog doesn’t love you. Love your dog as it is, with his personality and character, don’t ask him for something that isn’t natural to him.

Love Vs. Spoiling

Spoiled dog
Spoiled dog

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand love, or in other words, they think to love your dog means spoiling your dog.

This isn’t true at all.

To love your dog doesn’t mean that you have to accept any behavior. Or that you need to let him eat from your plate. Spoiling your dog might make weaken the bond between both of you.

Love and discipline go hand in hand. And regulation here doesn’t mean that your dog should be afraid of you and pee on himself whenever you enter the house.

Obedience and following household rules are essential and as essential as how your kids should have good manners. However, you have to achieve this level of obedience slowly without any kind of harassment.

Signs Of Dog Love

Dog playing with his owner
Dog playing with his owner

Let me remind you, not all dogs show their love the same way. Just because your dog doesn’t show any of those signs, it must mean that your dog doesn’t love you.

Dogs’ love is unconditional, and I am sure your dog adores you even without any sign. However, some signs that make you sure that your dog loves you:

  • Time to play
    Just a dog coming to you with his toy means a lot. It probably means that your dog trusts you and sees you as his family, which indeed means he loves you.
  • Behavioral changes:
    Don’t you sometimes return home and suddenly your dog runs all over the house like a crazy car? Or he is stretching and jumping crazily?
    Indeed, this shows how much your dog appreciates your presence and adores you.
  • Can’t stay alone?
    Mayla would go crazy if she heard me inside any room while she isn’t there. She will go everywhere like crazy till she finds me.
  • Tries to follow your household rules:
    My friend has a beautiful Golden Retriever whom she didn’t train at all.
    She did not spend a single training session with her dog for three and a half years, and everyone might think that this dog must be a disaster.
    However, this dog is more obedient than my dog. The love that this dog has for her owner is unbelievable.
    I spent hours training Mayla, yet she doesn’t obey me like how this dog follows her owner.
    Now bear in mind that Mayla loves me as well, I didn’t say that Mayla hates me. However, my friend’s dog’s love for her owner made her ready to follow her rules without training.

While some posts on Facebook and some blog posts say that other signs show dog’s love like Yawning with you or whatever, I am not sure if these signs mean that your dogs love you, and that’s why I will not mention them here.

However, there may be accurate, and they may not be valid. No scientific resource mentioned that these signs are correct.

How To Make Your Husky Love You?

Husky dogs showing love to happy girlfriends
Husky dogs showing love to happy girlfriends

Now, let me put this clear. Your husky adores you from the first moment he is home. Unless you harass him (which I am sure you don’t), he already loves you.

So the question is, “How To Make Your Husky Love You More?”

Typically, dogs love is known as pack love. They see you as their family, and they will love you and protect you because they know no other family instead of you.

That’s why to make a dog love you more; you should consider increasing the bond between you both.

The bond between you and your dog is what makes him follow you and love you. There have been many proven ways to tighten the relationship between you and you’re little husky.

P.S. While some of the tips here are suitable for all dogs, some of the suggestions will only work with Huskies because Huskies sometimes has their characteristic behavior.

Positive Training Only

While this may seem obvious, but some people forget about it.

I know that Huskies are stubborn, and I am sure that your Husky doesn’t always follow the rules. However, avoid using any chock collar or any aggressive methods.

Huskies were ranked as one of the hardest dogs to train, so you need to be very patient.

I went on Facebook and made a poll on a private group of the best dog trainers in Egypt. I asked how long it does take approximately to make your Husky master walking on a leash.

Around 85% of the trainers said that It should take about eight months. Yes, Huskies are rebellions, and they need time to stick to your schedule. However, with hard training and consistency, everything will become better with time.

And training will 100% increase your bond with Husky as it allows your dog to understand you more and know what you need from him.

Make The Training Fun

You went to the pet-shop and chose the best, and the most expensive dog treats, right?

Suddenly, you found that your Husky is more interested in everything but expensive, high-quality, and tasty treats.

Let me tell you a secret; I don’t buy treats anymore. And I believe my dog is happier.

Instead of buying expensive treats, you can make your treats at home with very cheap ingredients. I always make some beautiful Watermelon treats for my dog at home. You can find the recipe here!

You can also use some homemade chips without flavor or some pieces of real chicken!

A good trick that I like to use is mixing different treats in a bowl and randomly picking any of them. This way, my dog will always be passionate about training to know what flavor is coming next.

You can also ignore food and use toys as a treatment instead. All these ideas can help make the training funnier.


Huskies love water and snow. If you want to have a good time with your dog, I recommend playing with your husky in a water-pool.

If you are in a snowy area, then have some quality time in the snow. Don’t worry about frostbites, and just go and play with your husky.

They will appreciate whatever you try to do for them.

Choosing some games that will suit your Husky is essential, make sure that your Husky loves them. Otherwise, you might make your dog hate you instead of loving you.


Several months ago, I advised my friend to go to the park alone seven months ago when there are no dogs and leave her Husky off-leash (you can use a fenced area.)
While this advice seemed helpless, my friend’s Husky became more bonded to her and never tried to run away from her.

Huskies are very stubborn, and they tend to escape from their owners. All my friends had their Huskies ran away from them once or twice. That’s because they are escape artists and explorers.

That’s because Huskies are the dog breed closest to their ancestors, the wolves. And therefore, they want to be free, and they want to roam around. If you succeeded in teaching your dog to wander around without running, he would appreciate it.

I can’t explain enough how Freedom will make your dog very bonded to you. Your role is to provide a safe environment where your dog can roam around without going too far.

Someone will tell me, “But I have a backyard.” Backyards are great, but with time, dogs will consider them their home. But fenced areas or parks, are strange places that dogs would love to explore.

You can teach your Husky there to walk off-leash. While I don’t recommend having a walk with your dog off-leash, you can leave your dog off-leash in safe areas.

Fix His Insecurities Quite Early

99% of the Huskies that I see will bite me if I put my hand on their neck or lower back. I mean it.

That’s because Huskies develop insecurity in those places that will make them very protective about some parts of their body,

Make sure to touch your Husky everywhere from the first moment he comes home, and let people reach different areas of his body. This will help grow up a stable dog who won’t be angry later when you try to touch him at any place to remove a tick.

Do Your Activities Together

Hike with your Husky
Hike with your Husky

If you like to run, ride a bike, go hiking, or anything, you can bring your Husky.

While searching, I found that Huskies and German Shepherds are the most dogs that like to go on hiking trips.

That’s because they have an athletic body, and they like to be free. Therefore, if you have a Husky and you love hiking, go there with him.
If your Husky is well-behaved, you can leave him off-leash in the forest. Imagine how happy he will be.

There are some leashed designed for bikers that allow them to have their dog running with them. If you love biking, then make sure to use them!

Build The Trust Between You And A Husky

Building the trust with your Husky
Building the trust with your Husky

I was once walking with a trainer when I first got Mayla, and he noticed that I was very protective of her.

I would panic if the leash were tangled, or I thought she could slip and run. She gave me valuable advice and told me that if you gave your dog some trust, she would never fail you.

Over the next weeks, I started to give my dog more trust. Now, I am sure if I left the leash and moved away, she would come running after me.

However, there is a difference between trust and over-confidence.
For example, what will happen if your dog is alone with your shoes? He will probably tear them off, right?

However, if you get some shoes and started training him not to bite them, he will stop doing so. But, if you eventually, with time, kept hiding the shoes (while you already trained him not to bite them), he will start tearing them again whenever he sees them.

You removed your trust from your dog, and eventually, he forgot the rules.

If I walked away from my room while leaving a steak on my plate, my dog would never try to take it. However, if I was protective over my food, and never kept it in front of my dog (even if I trained her), she would steal my food once she sees it!

This leads to the conclusion that a lack of trust destroys your training and your relationship. And I have to tell you that I never saw an owner trusting his Husky.

Because Huskies are playful and troublemakers, they always seem to think that they are irresponsible and cannot be trusted. Let me tell you that Huskies were used to deliver medicine to wounded soldiers in wars!

How can those dogs be irresponsible!?

How To Build The Trust Between You And You’re Husky

Building your dog’s trust requires to have a relationship between training and real-life scenarios. I know many people will say confidence comes due to playing and positive discipline, etc.

However, based on many sources, I found that trust comes due to this relationship between real-life scenarios and training.

So, for example, you have just taught your Husky how to make a stay; this is awesome. Why not take it to the next level?

Ask your Husky to stay when you are going to open the door to get your mail. This way, you are telling your Husky, “Hey, I trust that you won’t run away while I am getting the mail.”

With time, your dog will get used to this behavior, and opening the front dog to get the mail will be a routine.

You can do this with every training. So if you trained your dog to “leave it,” grab your shoes and put it in front of your dog while telling him to leave it. With time, you won’t need to hide the shoes from him anymore.

If you used what you trained your Husky to do, I am sure by the time, and you will find him a fantastic dog and not a troublemaker.

However, don’t misunderstand this, put the shoes in front of him, or just open the front door without training is dangerous. The practice has to go hand-in-hand with your routine.

If you made your dog involved in your activities with the required training, I am sure he will never try to cause trouble.

Be Patient; It Comes With Time

I know we all dream of having a lovely dog that cares about us and protects us from the bottom of his heart.

And I want to assure you; nothing is better than pure dog’s love, dogs love you from the bottom of their heart.

However, it comes with time. You can’t just push the button and tell your dog to love you. But instead, it comes with consistency and with the final goal in your mind, which is to make your dog adore you.

Remember, you can’t get pure love unless you give your dogs pure love.


Husky’s love is irresistible. Having a small Husky that runs around you and shows you the true love is everyone’s dream. However, you have to be consistent and remember to achieve your goal slowly.

Remember that a key to your dog’s heart is having a kind heart as well.

Let us know in the comments about your experience with your Husky.

Erwin Borgers

Hi, I’m Erwin. I grew up with two cats, but I always wanted to have a dog. Since my wife and I lived together, we have Mayla. She is a very sweet King Charles Spaniel. Together we spend countless of hours in the forest near our home. We love to walk together and now I want to share what I learned about walking dogs and what I learned about dog gear with you.

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