What To Do With Your Dog When It Snows?

Black dog running in the evening snow

As the fall season ends, and we plunge deeper into the cold and snowy winter, you have to take extra care of your dog. There are so many facts about the dogs’ ability to tolerate cold, snowy winters; some are misleading and dangerous while others are real. However, the most important fact to start with … Read more

Do Dogs Prefer One Owner Over the Other?

Girl and Dog showing love

There are lots of unanswered questions as far as dog loyalty is concerned. In most cases, you may find a family owning a dog but still, they will prefer one member of others. Unfortunately, the preferred family members may not even be the ones that have been providing care, but still, the dog will get … Read more

Should Dogs Wear Shoes In The Snow?

Man walking in the snow with his dog

Once the winter and snow season starts, many pet owners wonder about their dog’s ability to tolerate walking in the snow. We often attribute our characteristics as humans to our pets. We think that as we need thick socks and insulated boots for protection against frostbite, our pets will have the same need. So, the … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick Blankets And Furniture?

Dog licking his face laying down on the sofa

Dogs are not equipped to do most of the nervous actions humans have, like biting nails or drumming their fingers. So they sometimes lick a lot. But that’s not the only reason for licking. Why Do Dogs Lick Blankets And Furniture? When and what your dog licks can indicate why he does this and what … Read more

Are Dogs Less Active In The Winter?

White long coated dog laying down in the snow

As the winter season starts to approach, some of us may notice their dog begin to get less active, more sluggish, and slower to get up while others may see that their dogs became an energy ball running everywhere. Some of these changes may worry owners about their dogs as they believe their dog might … Read more

how to treat a dry nose on dogs?

Close up of a dogs nose

Your dog came to you, rubbing his head for some cuddles as he usually does. Unfortunately, you noticed something different. His usually wet nose seems really dry, and you are freaking out. I had the same problem last winter. and as a good owner that cares about her dog, I started to run to the … Read more