How To Prevent A Dog From Escaping The Yard?

our dogs inspecting backyard fence

Having a dog that has unlimited access to the backyard is excellent; it has lots of pros that we will discover later. And when you have a dog door, it makes your dog free to go to the backyard whenever he needs without any restrictions. But how do you prevent your dog from escaping the … Read more

What To Do If A Dog Bites You And Draws Blood?

This article will be our first article where we combine medical and training topics on what to dow when a dog bites you, and what if he draws blood. However, a lot of times, I see posts that go like this, “Hey, my dog bit me, what should I do? Does he have Rabies? Should … Read more

How to Choose a Good Leash For Your Dog?

Walking your dog is the most important time during your day. It’s the time that your dog starts to change his routine, see other people, pee, and connects with you. It’s called the Quality Time between you and your dog together, and that’s why this time should be spent happily and benefit from every second … Read more