What are Dog Backpacks For?

This is my dogs backpack

What are dog backpacks? for those of you who are not familiar with dog backpacks. This is special equipment for dogs. It looks like a saddle bag that you can put on the back of your dog. You can put all kinds of items in the bags for your dog to carry it.

What are Dog Backpacks For?

Backpacks can be used for different kinds of things most people use it as a daily workout for their dogs. A pack can also help your dog psychological when he is depressed, or help disabled people or help depressed people, and help carry his own things during hikes.

A backpack is a piece of equipment that your dog carries on his back, not a bag that you can carry your dog in those are dog carrier bags.

The special design of these backpacks makes them comfortable to wear for our furry friends. Often the design will also help divide the weight over the dogs back and try to shift the weight to the to the neck so the dog will carry the weight on his front legs. His front legs are the strongest part of your dog, so it is best to have the weight as close to the neck as possible.

Help Psychological or Depressed Dogs

Just because they are animals does not mean dogs can’t suffer from depression. They are emotionally intelligent animals. Emotions are the most common reason for a dog’s depression. The loss of a companion animal, or the loss of his owner, but it can also be moving to a new home or a baby in the household that moves him furder down the rank, which makes him depressed.

Dogs can pick up human emotions so their mood changes can also be caused by the grief of others. Dogs like to get all the attention they can get from their owners. If that is less then what he is used to it might stress him out. Creating all kinds of behavior to get that level of attention he needs.

You can notice these depressions by mood swings and behavior changes. For instance, they can stop eating like they normally do or drink less or hide under the kitchen table.

Changes in behavior like this can also indicate a medical problem so it would be best to visit your vet first to give your dog a health check. If he has no health issues then your dog could be struggling with depression.

Depression Treatments

Most dogs just need an extra little tender love and care (TLC) to help them get back on their feet. After a couple of days, they should bounce back from the depression. Try to keep them engaged in the things he likes to do and reward him when you see a happy dog. Try to ignore bad behavior and never reward him when he’s down and unhappy you will only make it worse because he will think this is good behavior.

Dogs love walking. To get them out of the depression you can have him wear a backpack and walk with your dog endless hours. You don’t have to put much weight in a backpack just having carry an empty backpack is fine it will give him the idea that he’s got a job and that will take his mind off the depressed feelings.

A walk of 2 hours each day will get his mind off the thing that is bothering him and have him worry about his job. after about a week of walking each day, he should be getting used to wearing the backpack and you can slowly build up some weight in the bags, but don’t overdo it.  

Just as with humans, walking releases the happy chemicals dopamine and adrenaline in a dog. These chemicals give a positive boost to happiness, health and the immune system of both you and your dog.

If walking and happy play times don’t work there is the possibility of medication. For depressed dogs, medication is the same as using humans: Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft. visit your site for more information and help.

Help For Depressed People

Providing Companionship. Caring for an animal makes you feel wanted and needed. Your pet needs your help to live. Isolation can trigger loneliness and depression. Caring for a live companion takes the focus away from the problems you have, even more so when you are lonely.

Increase in exercise. Dogs need to go out for at least an hour a day. Studies show that dog owners are more likely to meet their daily minimum exercise and the exercise is healthy for your dog as well. It will deepen the relationship you have with your companion and eradicate behavior problems. The happy chemicals released in dogs are also released in humans.

Helps meet new people. Often you will meet new people when you take your dog for a walk in the park, in the forest or anywhere else. People stop and talk to each other. New friendships are started and maintained.

Adding structure to your day. Dogs need structure and routine to keep them relaxed and balanced. They need regular feeding and walks outside. Structure and routine can work for you too. One look at you from your dog in the morning and you know you have to wake up to take care of him.

Dogs provide stress relief. Studies have shown that petting a dog or any other animal reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Touch and movement are two healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Help Disabled People

Most people know that service dogs had special training to help people with a hearing or a visibility impairment. there are also service dogs that can help people with a disability. With the proper training, they can be of service to people in a wheelchair, have balancing issues or people with autism.

They can also be trained to bark to indicate that help is needed, or alert his owner for a specific medical issue like for instance low blood sugar.

Often volunteers raise these specially bred dogs for a short period of time, before their training starts. Most assistance dogs are Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers.

You can identify service dogs by there backpack or harness. In some cases, they don’t wear one. This is an indication to other people not to distract him, he is working.

Help During Hiking

When you go on a hike with your dog you need to take all kinds of items with you for him like toys, water, a water bowl, and treats. When you stay overnight in the outback you need to take extra equipment for your pooch with you.

He has all the fun and you have to carry all his items, but why should you? Dogs can carry about 10% to 12% of their own body weight, with the proper training of course.

Have him carry his own equipment in his own backpack when you go wander off.

First, your dog needs some proper training before he can carry everything. You can build this into your daily routine. Start daily with one of his walks and have him carry an empty backpack.

If he wears a backpack for the first time he has to get comfortable with it. Usually, this takes a couple of days.

After a couple of days, you can start to add some weight in the bags. Divide the weight equally. Start with about 50 to 100 grams on both sides depending on the size of your dog. I used flour for this. Flour makes it easy to add more weight, divide easily and it forms nicely to the sides of your dog.

Slowly add more weight every week. I have a small dog of about 8 kilograms so I build up with 50grams on each side. You can do more if you have a large size dog just don’t overdo it. Your dog can get back injuries.


These are the most common kinds of applications for a dog backpack. If you have a dog then having a backpack for your dog can be of great benefits. Even if you just use it during your daily walks with him. A walk of 15 minutes can extend to 30 minutes if he carries his backpack with some extra weight. And second, walking releases happy chemicals that can help prevent your dog from stress.

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