Can Puppies Eat Banana?

Dog eating a banana from a hand

The daily love we receive from our puppies is truly priceless and should always be cherished. In return, we do our best to keep them happy and give them all the delicious treats we can muster. Some treats are better than others, so what about bananas. Can puppies eat a banana? Yes, puppies can eat … Read more

Do Border Collies Shed A Lot?

Border Collie in the winter

So many dog owners are in love with their canine friends. Unfortunately, many of them are often not aware of the change in physical characteristics of their dogs; For instance, shedding is one of such changes that worry many dog owners worldwide. Dog shedding is normal, but it may be more than worrying when it … Read more

Can Puppies Eat Dental Sticks?

Black Labrador biting on a pink toy

All the puppies chew, spelling unhappiness for your furniture and your assortment of shoes. Adapted chew toys help your little one to satisfy this desire and keep your belongings.  Can puppies eat dental sticks? Despite their name, chew sticks may not be a decent choice for a puppy, as they can be dangerous for such … Read more

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldog resting

Shedding is very necessary for animals who want to mature as they get older. Reptiles are a prime example of this and are very healthy if they start shedding. This may not be the case with mammals that you may own, depending on what you have. Cats can easily take care of themselves, even if … Read more

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

close-up of an adult French Bulldog

There are no proven studies that claim why dogs cry. The sound of a dog’s moans is often considered to be crying. However, have you ever wondered why this was so? When we talk about the crying French Bulldog and the reason for their watery eyes, you should know a million things about it. So … Read more

When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up?

Close-up of a French Bulldog

There are multiple reasons why we adore French Bulldogs. They have a cute face, funny behavior, and loving nature. But their perky ears are also an attractive characteristic of this bread.  In adulthood, they have pointy ears that complement their overall sharp look. When Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up? The ears of adult Frenchies … Read more

What Vegetables Can French Bulldogs Eat?

French Bulldog eating cucumber from a hand

If you are preoccupied with your French Bulldog health, you want to provide him with an excellent diet. You should also consider vegetables, meat, fruits, and dog food.  They are a great source of nutrients and are not high in calories and fat, making them a must in your Frenchie diet. If you are wondering … Read more

What Do French Bulldogs Cost?

Two French Bulldogs in a dog bed

The French Bulldog has become a fashion breed. Many people want to buy French Bulldog puppies, which is why I’m going to outline here what French Bulldogs cost.  The Average Price at which a French Bulldog is sold is $2200. The price range at good breeders usually start at $1200 and can go up to … Read more