Can Puppies Eat Peanut Butter?

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Peanut butter is usually a nice treat for dogs. You may notice that your dog appears suddenly in the kitchen when you are trying to open the peanut butter jar. Dogs love it because they are fun to eat. Personally, Kira may toss everything for a lick of peanut butter. But can puppies eat peanut butter? And is it safe? What about the maximum quantity?

When your puppy is 8-10 weeks old, it is safe to feed him peanut butter in moderate amounts.

However, be sure that the peanut butter is free of Xylitol. And know that some dogs are allergic to peanut butter. For the ideal quantity, you should ask your vet, who will guide you.

How to Feed Peanut Butter To Your Dog?

You may enjoy watching your dog licking it from a spoon or a finger as a quick reward. But you can spread it inside a hollow bone or a toy for a more extended treat.

Dog licking Peanut Butter from Kong Toy

You might use peanut butter biscuits as well.

It’s also a brilliant idea to freeze the peanut butter in the treat-dispensing toy or the Kong toy; this will keep your dog occupied for a longer time. If you can put it in the right toy, you can watch your dog lick his lips for hours, which will keep him busy if you don’t have time to exercise him.

When can you start giving peanut butter to your dog?

As long as it is in moderate amounts, it is safe to give your 8-10 weeks puppy peanut butter as a treat. You can even let your puppy clean out empty peanut butter jars. So, in other words, it is safe to be given to any puppy at any age. However, please, take note of the suitable amount from the next header to make sure that you don’t harm your dog.

What is A Suitable amount Of Peanut Butter?

While there’s no fixed amount that is considered to be suitable, Vets recommend giving your puppy a toy stuffed with Peanut butter once every 2-3 days only and never give him more than that.

Many people say that it’s OK, even if you gave your dog more than this amount. However, keep your dog safe by following your vet’s rule, and if your dog suffers from any medical issue, please ask your vet before proceeding.

If your dog is healthy, in general, any peanut butter that is free from Xylitol (it’s a natural sweetener that may cause hypoglycemia and hepatic necrosis to dogs) or chocolate is fine for your dog.

If given in moderate amounts, it provides the dog with vitamin B (which is essential for shiny, healthy skin and coat) vitamin E (which is suitable for a proper function of the immune system ).

It also provides dogs with proteins and heart-healthy fats and niacin, which is a wonderful source of energy for your dog.

A stuffed peanut butter Kong can keep your dog busy for hours.

Additionally, if you’re finding difficultly in giving medicine to your dog, peanut butter can help. You just have to cover the pill with a small amount of peanut butter, and your dog will think that you’re spoiling him.

As with everything, having too much peanut butter may cause weight gain or gastrointestinal issues. Obesity and pancreatitis might also be a result of excessive peanut butter. So, it is fine to give your dog peanut butter as long as it is in moderate amounts and doesn’t contain Xylitol.

benefits Of Peanut Butter

Most of the dog trainers are always busy looking for the latest trend that can help train a dog. Peanut butter is one of their new methods.

They use it for dogs who tend to bark during group training classes. The fact that it glues the dog’s tongue to the roof of their mouth gives a good chance for the owner to reinforce quiet and polite behavior.

It makes the dogs make the silliest faces as they lick the peanut butter, which is fun for the owner too.

Well, it provides Vitamin B and E as well. However, it shouldn’t be your motivation to give it to your dog. If you are looking for a vitamin source, then you can check any Vitamin Provider from your vet.

The main reason to use Peanut Butter is that it’s a safe treat.

The healthy type of peanut butter

A common question that I frequently see on Facebook is, “How to choose the right Peanut Butter?

Here are some points that you have to take good care of while choosing the peanut butter for your dog:

  • Check the label carefully and make sure to avoid products that contain Xylitol or chocolate.
  • Sugar substitutes are deadly for dogs, even with small amounts.
  • Always choose raw, unsalted kinds that have low sodium contents.

Any peanut butter brand that doesn’t contain Xylitol will be safe for your dog. Here is a table of suggested brands and brands that contain Xylitol which you should avoid:

Suggested Peanut Butter BrandsPeanut Butter Brands to avoid
Zuke’s Hip Action dog treatsGo nuts
Kong easy treat for dogs P28 Foods
Kong real peanut butter tube Krush Nutrition
Wet noses all-natural dog treats Nuts’ N More
Greenies Pill Pocket capsule size dog treats Protein Plus PB

Is your brand not in the table than just read the label and make sure it does not contain Xylitol.

Allergy symptoms

To start with, you should check with your vet before giving your dog peanut butter because some dogs have food or other allergies.

In spite of the fact that it is a tasty treat and many dogs love it, yet some dogs are allergic to peanut butter. Many dog owners find out that after giving the dog a spoonful. Some symptoms might show up over time when the dog is fed peanut butter regularly, while other dogs show immediate signs.

This depends on the dog’s immune system. Symptoms may include red, itchy skin with the excessive licking of the skin bald spots.

Most Dogs Enjoy Peanut Butter

I added this heading to say why you should consider buying peanut butter for your dog. Once you pull out the peanut butter, watch the reaction of your dog:

  • Will wag its tail with extreme excitement
  • Will give you a wide smile
  • Will smack and smack and lick
  • Will hunt and gather with his interactive toys for hours
  • Will make you feel like a rockstar
  • This feeling will be great for both of you


Peanut butter is a great & safe treat for a puppy and dogs in general. It will help him calm down a lot. It’s safe for any age, but the quantity is determined by your vet.

It’s best to put it inside a kong toy and freeze it and give it to your dog 😉

I hope you’ve learnt something here! And remember to send your cute puppies eating peanut butter to our Instagram DM @humbledogs.

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