How Do Sled Dogs Survive The Cold?

Sled dogs in front of sled with a little boy

Sled dogs were such a vital means of transportation, traveling, and hunting in the Arctic areas for many centuries. Some territories were too inaccessible during winter. Humans couldn’t travel on foot until the introduction of snowmobiles and semi-trailer trucks. You’re probably wondering: “How do sled dogs survive the harsh cold weather conditions?” Sled dogs are … Read more

Does My Puppy Need Vitamins?

black and white dalmatian puppy eating fruits

Having a sick puppy is a nightmare for all of us, and I knew it myself as I have been there once. I mean, what’s worse than a sick puppy who is vomiting everywhere? Costly vet invoices? And a mess everywhere? So does my puppy need vitamins? Adding some vitamins to my dog’s diet has … Read more

When Can A Puppy Leave Its Mom?

eleven puppies with their mom

Most breeders prefer to release the puppy from their mom too early; they want to save themselves the effort of dealing with the newly active puppies. And to reduce the expenses of keeping the puppy two or three weeks more. So, sometimes we might want to ask ourselves, when can a puppy leave his mom? … Read more