Mini Dalmatians: Everything You Could Want to Know.

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Dalmatians are always one of the distinctive breeds that can be known from a far distance. You fall for his handsome & cute face while admiring his powerful, muscular and great body. But as many breeds, when people love them, they want small types of them as they appear to be cuter, so is a smaller size of Dalmatians really good enough to compete among the smaller breed dogs?

“Mini Dalmatians are the small-sized dog in the Dalmatians breed, typically between 8 – 12 inches and 18 – 24 pounds. Mini Dalmatians often live between 10 – 13 years. These dogs are extremely friendly, loyal, energetic, and intelligent.”


In this article Mini Dalmatians: Everything You could want to know, we don’t give a quick overview of Mini Dalmatians, instead, we go through a step by step guide and cover everything you would want to know about Mini Dalmatians so you could have the complete image.

Why Do People Buy Mini Dogs?

The first answer is of course because of cuteness, mini dogs are very cute and very beautiful! However, growing up a mini dog has lots of benefits too!

Some Of The Benefits Of Having Mini Dogs :

  • The space: Mini dogs don’t need much space to live in the house unlike larger breeds like Normal Dalmatians or Saint Bernard which need much space to be comfortable.
  • Fewer exercises: Mini dogs don’t need much exercise at all. They can get exhausted by playing for 30 minutes only a day, they don’t need to walk a lot like German Shepherd.
  • Smaller diet: They also don’t need much food, they are very small that 90% of them don’t exceed 10 kilos, so they don’t need that much of food daily.
  • Fewer costs: The last thing is obviously cutting down the costs, mini dogs’ accessories are really cheaper than the others, as many people don’t have much money to keep a large dog.

However, Mini Dogs Have There Cons Too! Some Of Them Are:

  • Non-Guarding dogs: They aren’t suitable to guard you at all, as they are called toy dogs.
  • Hard personality: Mini dogs are also hard to train, in fact, they have the same personality of a Rottweiler which means they are short-tempered and can easily become aggressive which is very contradicting to their small size.
  • Not for new owners: In fact, they are not advisable for new dog owners as they need a higher level of training.
  • Easily suffering from diseases: Mini dogs have a weaker immune system which makes them prone to diseases but on the other side, Large dogs are prone to bone-related problems.

So having mini dogs will cut down lots of money and lots of exercise but still will need a lot of training and correcting behavior.

So you must determine your needs and choose carefully what breed do you need!

How Can You Make Any Dog Smaller?

There Are Several Ways to Achieve a Mini Type Of Any Breed, Some Of Them Are:

  1. Mixing the breed with a smaller one.
  2. Finding the dwarfism gene.
  3. Breed from runts

So, you can achieve a mini dog through one of these methods or by using these three methods combined. However, our issue here is that every method has its own pros and cons. It has its own advantages on dogs and disadvantages, so you should really think about the health problem the dog can face when trying to make him smaller.

1- Mixing The Breed with a Smaller One:

This is the easiest way, there are no issues on that one. However, it has a problem that the resulted breed is not pure. So you mix two breeds together one of them is smaller than the other to achieve a miniature dog. However, you won’t have a miniature pure dog.

2- Finding The Dwarfism Gene:

Here is where the actual science comes into play. You have to see the genes of each Dalmatian you have, then find out (through tests) which Dalmatian have the dwarfism gene then you make the dogs carrying this gene mate. However, there is only a 50% chance that your dog will be dwarf or mini dog. As the offspring can be a normal dog without being mini.

However, finding the dwarfism gene and making use of it is actually quite popular but it has many many issues. Most dogs which carry genes for dwarfism, actually carry genes for many other diseases as well. So, that’s why it is not advisable to have a mini dog by using this process as you can end up having a blind mini dog or deaf mini dog.

3- Breed From Runts:

What are runts?

They are the smallest and weakest puppies, they are smaller than their brothers and sisters. So why is breeding from runts the worst opinion ever?

Because, you are breeding from dogs that are actually sick, to produce more sick dogs! It is a loophole, you are making smaller dogs but you are also producing dogs that will always suffer from illness without any recovery.

So, the option is yours. Overall, the mini type of any breed is likely to have many health issues because of the way he was bred by, each way as I said has many pros and cons. So, when you decide to buy a mini Dalmatian, you should ask about the way he was bred to be a mini dog and this moves us to our next point.

History of Mini Dalmatians:

Mini Dalmatians are originally created by Gene Connell, he assumes that Mini Dalmatians are bred down from original purebred Dalmatians however, they are not registered with the American Kennel Club and there is a new issue, you can’t breed them yourself because Gene Connell sell neutered puppies, so he is the only source for this breed -officially-.

However, many experts say that Mini Dalmatians aren’t bred from pure Dalmatians, because they say their color and their very small bone structure -which is unlike the father breed- forces us to think that they are crossbred with a smaller breed in size.

Physical Properties of Mini Dalmatians:

To our surprise, there isn’t much information about the physical properties -which is weird-, because every puppy on the Internet must have all his properties, however, here are some of his physical properties:

  • Weight: 18 to 24 pounds (8-10.5 kilos)
  • Length: Under 12 inches maximum
  • Color: Off-white with black potting on his body

As you can see from the above, he is a very small dog. However, he also has a very week body. Statistics say that he is weaker than 40% of the other mini dogs!

Health-related Problems With Mini Dalmatians:

As a small breed, you must have already realized that you will have a weak dog (physically and non-physically) because as we said earlier, decreasing the size of the dog isn’t a good thing. You will have a cute dog but yet a dog that will suffer from illness a lot! However, I don’t say that they will die, but they will need extra care at first to be in good health as their immunity system is really weaker than their fathers. They might also need a lot of supplements at the beginning to make them stronger.

However, luckily most small breed dogs they aren’t very prone to bone-related problems like Hip Displaysia as they are very small in size

What should you do when you first get a mini Dalmatian?

The first thing before adjusting your space and any other procedures you take, you have to get your Mini Dalmatian to a vet and check him. This will help identify any health problem from the very beginning. As Mini dalmatians and any other mini breed can suffer from a lot of issues due to their size and breed.

If you could run a gene test, that will be great too!

And now let’s move on.

Precautions After Getting Your Puppy:

So you might worry on the overall health of your puppy when you first get him, as I mentioned above he will be weak (or strong if you are lucky). That will force you to be extra careful when letting him out or when walking him more than any other dog. However, it is advisable for Mini Dalmatians to not be introduced to any other older dogs until they hit 3 and half months old -and they must have taken all the necessary shots for sure-. If you decided to buy more than one Mini Dalmatian at the same time, it is advisable to separate them at first to make sure that if one of them has an illness, the other doesn’t get it!

I know you have to be extra careful, but that will be better than giving them treatments, right?

It is also advisable not to use any other older dog’s items like a harness or leash. Try to buy for each one of them his own items and obviously his own plate to eat.

Last but not least, you can’t let your dog to your backyard or walk him until he reaches 3 and a half months! Try to look after him carefully and make sure that he doesn’t eat anything from the street, be careful because they have bad immunity system as I mentioned before, after all, it is better than paying much money to vets, isn’t it?

Mini Dalmatian Temperament:

Although We have briefly described some significant traits that are part of the overall mini dog’s temperament, there are many more which are related to Mini Dalmatians:

  • They are short-tempered:
    As we discussed earlier, 90% of the mini dogs are very short-tempered, they can become aggressive easily which really needs a higher level of training.
  • They are very active:
    Unlike many mini dogs, Mini Dalmatians are really active and need a lot of stimulation and mind games as they are very smart, they have the father dalmatians genes which makes them in need of many exercises.
  • They are as loyal as their fathers:
    Dalmatians are known for their loyalty that they can die for you, they will never leave you whatever happened, Mini Dalmatians inherited this trait from their fathers and really stick to your side whatever happened which isn’t a popular trait in most mini dog breeds.
  • Mini Dalmatians are alert and courageous:
    This trait is really the best part about Mini Dalmatians, mini dogs aren’t very courageous. They may be aggressive but not courageous, however with Mini Dalmatians, it is pretty weird, they are very courageous that you can even depend on them on threating thieves (however they don’t have strong teeth). As we mentioned, Dalmatians are courageous dogs and were used in guarding as a result, Mini Dalmatians are the same actually and as courageous as their ancestors.
  • Mini Dalmatians are attention-seekers:
    Did you forget to cuddle your baby? Then prepare yourself to have a nightmare today! Mini Dalmatians need a lot of praise and attention. They need to feel that you are always proud of them. They will do whatever to make you happy and proud of them. However, if you didn’t exercise them or give them much attention, you won’t have a pleasing day. They can do a lot of damages, as a result, to grab your attention to them which might be a problem at the beginning if you had to leave them long hours at work.
  • Mini Dalmatians are good listeners:
    Like their ancestors, Mini Dalmatians are very good listeners which is contradicting to the other toy dogs breeds.

Toy dogs are known to be problematic and hard to get trained, however, mini dalmatians are the complete opposite. They like training as their fathers. Which makes it easier for new owners. However, they need a lot of training to get them used to the behaviors you want. But you won’t find it a trouble to grab their attention to you on the street or listen to your commands.

However, it is advisable to learn more about training toy dogs before you get Mini Dalmatians, this information can be found here.

Mini Dalmatians and Shedding:

So, if you ever had a long-haired dog, you will know and understand this struggle. You remember how you found hair everywhere on your couch and on your bed. As an owner of Golden Retriever, I am almost losing my mind trying to get rid of all that hair that really invades my house, especially during shedding time! Moreover, I spend whole lots of money on getting supplements for their hair to keep it shiny and long (which all drops in summer! )

Obviously , the father dogs are short-haired. Unlike, Mini poodles and cocker spaniels, Mini Dalmatians are short-haired dogs like their fathers, you won’t find shedding during the change of seasons a problem, you won’t need to buy lots of supplements for your dog and you won’t need to keep removing the hair from the couch and bed.

This is one of the best things about having Mini Dalmatian in fact.

Common allergies in Mini Dalmatians:

Dogs are allergic to certain substances, just as people are. Your dog may be allergic to certain ingredients in their food. Dogs can also have seasonal allergies, problems with spray chemicals or be allergic to mold and mildew. The best way to treat your dog for allergies is to remove the allergen. If your veterinarian suspects food allergies, you may have to try different brands of dog food in order to find out what ingredients are bothering your dog.

When you work with a dermatology specialist to treat Dalmatian allergies, you are giving your pet the best shot at feeling better. Together you will discuss the food your dog eats, and any exposure they may have to common allergens. Your veterinarian will help you develop a plan to best treat your beloved pet for the allergies they are struggling with.

How to Diagnose And Treat Allergies In Mini Dalmatians?

Signs that your Dalmatian is struggling with allergies include:

  • Excessive scratching, especially around the ears, the base of the tail and paws.
  • Scabs that your dog continually scratches.
  • Skin that appears moist or has hives on it.
  • Sneezing, itchy, or runny eyes.

Treatment for Common Mini Dalmatian Allergies :

So whenever you see the symptoms described above in your dog, you must run to a vet. Don’t wait some time in the hope that your dog will get better soon, he won’t!

Your vet will likely prescribe antihistamines to help get your dog’s allergies under control. However, if you didn’t notice allergies early, the skin of your dog might get infected, in that case, treatment can also include fatty acids to help reduce skin irritations.

Mini Dalmatians and Digestive Problems:

Dalmatians are known for having many digestive problems if they didn’t have the right nutrition, their sons Mini Dalmatians did inherit this from them.

Signs of Dog Digestive Problems to Look Out For.

There are certainly some signs that when appear in your mini Dalmatian, you must know that he has digestive problems. Some of these signs are:

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constipation.
  • Excess gas or flatulence.
  • Straining when passing stools.
  • Blood or mucus in the stools.

If your dog is showing any of these signs it can be an indicator of dog digestive problems such as gastroenteritis, colitis, stress diarrhea, or constipation.

Well, we can’t go through these disease at that point, we can cover it in later articles. However, you must know that there are several diseases which upset your dog’s stomach.

General Treatment:

First of all, for sure, you have to pay a visit to the vet as always because the vet is the only person who can diagnose the disease and know its treatment. However, many diseases go on their own without treatment. However, as more serious conditions could result in weight loss, dehydration and debilitation, you should see your vet with any concerns – they can easily advise you and determine the appropriate treatment for your dog.

Breeders of Mini Dalmatians:

So, you have decided to buy a mini Dalmatian, here is the most well-known breeder for Mini Dalmatian.

  • Mascot Dalmatians:
    These are one of the most reputable breeders for mini Dalmatians, their website can be found here
    In fact, they say that they have the only Mini Dalmatians available. They are very well known to produce high-quality Mini Dalmatian without health problems.
    If you decided to get a Mini Dalmatian, then Mascot Dalmatians are your way to go!

Mini Dalmatians Mixes:

There are a few other types of Mini Dalmatians that are mix with other breeds, however, we can’t write them here as it is a long list to go. However, you have to stay tuned for our upcoming post which will describe in details everything about mixed Mini Dalmatians.


Mini Dogs are cute. Being well known for their small size that they can be grown up in any house (small or big). Mini Dalmatians are really cute as well, however, they have extra layers of courage that they have inherited from their ancestors. This courage makes them special from other Mini Dogs.

Having a Mini Dog can cut down a lot of costs, however, you have to understand that there is no complete breed. Every breed has its pros and cons that we mentioned earlier. If you don’t think that you are a good owner or that you can train your pets well, then it’s worth to retake your decision about having a Mini Dog.

However, in the meantime. If you have a German Shepherd and wondering if he could carry backpacks during trips or not make sure to look into our last article here. And if you are curious whether or not you can find innovative ideas to create new toys and games for your dog. Take a look at our article here, which goes in-depth on how to make a simple towel, your dog’s favorite toy. Make sure to also look at other articles which cover in-depth many things about the lifestyle of dogs.

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