When Can Puppies Go Outside In The Cold?

Snow is here! All of us want to play with our puppies in the Snow, is there anything funnier than that? However, you have just got your puppy, and you really don’t know if you can go outside in this cold or not.

You are afraid to go out, and you don’t know if your puppy will be able to withstand this cold.

So when can puppies go outside in the cold?

Puppies can go outside in the cold weather as early as 3.5 months old. Depending on their coat, you can determine when they can go out. However, make sure to observe your puppy well after having a good play in the cold weather.

Make sure that your puppy is okay and doesn’t suffer from any disease. If you found that your puppy has any weird signs, please consider going to the vet ASAP.

First, let me begin by saying you will be a great owner! Just the idea of being afraid that your puppy might catch cold shows how kind-hearted you are and how good your relationship with your puppy will be!

A lot of people actually assume that because a puppy is a “Golden Retriever,” it can stay in cold 24 hours without being affected. After all, it’s a Golden Retriever with dense hair!

A lot of people will actually tell you. “How foolish it is to think that a dog might be cold!” but believe me, puppies aren’t that strong, and that’s why we will discuss, when, and how you can introduce your puppy to cold weather.

When can puppies go outside in cold?

Short answer, it varies, they can go out at the age of 3.5-4 months old, but I prefer that they go out at the age of 6 months old.

How do you know that your puppy is ready to go out in Cold?

From his coat, if your puppy developed his skin fast, then you can start going out. However, I prefer that puppies don’t go out for long times in the cold until they are 6 months old so you will be sure that their coat is really developed.

Dog laying down on his back in the snow
Dog laying down on his back in the snow

How To Make Sure That Your Puppies Are Good in Cold?

By taking it one step at a time.

Start walking them in the mid-day when it’s not that cold. When you return, start observing them and their bodies.

Look for any signs that could indicate any potential colds or fevers. If not found, then you’re safe.

Start introducing them to colder weathers bit-by-bit but make sure to make that they’re not introduced to Cold for very long times at first. Also, make sure never to walk your puppies on Snow at a very young age because it can suffer from frostbite, which I will discuss in a minute.

Cold-Issues with your puppy

If you didn’t take care, your puppy could suffer from some medical issues, some of them are:

1- Cold Paws

Dog paw injured from the cold
Dog paw injured from the cold

Cold paws aren’t concerning at all if your dog feels normal and plays with you.

Before I discuss the treatment Cold Paws, let’s first talk about what can cold paws do?

Cold Paws can lower the blood flow into your dog’s legs. Therefore, your dog won’t be able to move freely, and you will notice your dog always lying down as he doesn’t want to move his legs.

However, some times the paws can be cold, but there aren’t any other concerning symptoms, so please don’t panic when you feel your puppy’s feet are cold.

A good practice that I follow when I feel that Kira’s paws are cold is that I check her body temperature. If it was normal and Kira is playing, then I forget about it. However, if you found out that your puppy is lethargic, immediately visit a vet.

2- Any Anxiety Sign

All the illnesses that can affect your puppy from cold weather can be summarized in the following:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Unwilling to move
  • Coughing a lot
  • Anxious and move randomly
  • Hiding From You

Generally, all these sings mean that your puppy had caught an illness from the cold weather, and you have to go to the vet to treat him.

How to protect puppies when going outside?

A good practice will be buying a set of dog’s shoes for your puppy. This will help your puppy to be as safe as possible outside and will also protect him from frostbite.

You may consider buying a sweater or a T-shirt for your puppy. However, puppies’ paws are more critical than the rest of their body as they aren’t covered by any coat. You can check our article on how to teach your dog to wear clothes here.

Also, as I said in the beginning, making sure that your puppy is actually ready is really important so that you can avoid a lot of possible issues.

Past vs Present

In the past

It was widespread for all puppies/dogs to stay in the cold weather.

No matter how large/small the breed is, it can survive in the cold weather without any problem. That’s because workers had bred the past working dogs to help them in their work.

They didn’t have them as a pet. They have trained them to guard the houses, guard the sheep, swim in the water to retrieve the ducks, etc. These conditions have made them tough dogs that can withstand almost any weather condition.

It was sporadic and uncommon for any dog to enter the family house.


I know that you’re excited to have the best life with your new puppy, and you want to play with him in the Snow. That’s why you are here.

Puppies can bear some cold, however, never leave them in the cold all their day (or putting their kennel in the Cold) as this will harm them.

We’ve covered when and how you can let your puppy outside in the cold weather. Hope you enjoy your life together

Make sure to stay tuned for our next articles.

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