Can Dalmatians Eat Salmon?

Salmon is a fish you see regular processed in dog food. Dogs with a meat allergy are often put on a fish diet. This mostly results in eating salmon or cod. But it actually is a good question to ask if Dalmatians can eat salmon? Yes, they can safely eat Salmon as long as it … Read more

Are Dalmatians Good With Kids?

Happy family with Dalmatian resting at the beach in summer

Almost everyone knows and has seen Walt Disney’s animation movie 101 Dalmatians and maybe even the sequel 102 Dalmatians. These movies have shaped the image of them being cute and friendly family dogs. But are they? The movie “101 Dalmatians” made the breed so popular it is difficult to meet demand. The consequence is big … Read more

Are Dog Backpack Carriers Safe?

dog in red back pack carrier

Dog backpack carriers have become an essential commodity in  man’s best friend everyday personal items and therefore it is necessary we look at the pro’s and cons to arrive conclusively if backpack carriers are safe for our beloved pets Before we go further it will be appropriate to know exactly what dog backpack carriers are;dog … Read more

How Much Weight Can a Doberman Carry?

Lying dobermann pinscher on isolated background.

Dobermans are an incredibly hard-working dog breed and they love having a task to do. To increase their stamina and muscles, a common exercise is making your Dobie carry weights on walks or hikes. What Is The Maximum Weight a Doberman Can Carry? A full-grown Doberman can carry up to 30% of their body weight, … Read more

The Best Dog Backpacks Reviewed

my dog is viewing te beach

I have been looking at many local stores and places to find a backpack for my dog. All I could find in my local stores where harnesses. I continued my search online only to find out that this is much harder than I thought. Hours I have been reading reviews online. Choose a pack is … Read more

What are Dog Backpacks For?

This is my dogs backpack

What are dog backpacks? for those of you who are not familiar with dog backpacks. This is special equipment for dogs. It looks like a saddle bag that you can put on the back of your dog. You can put all kinds of items in the bags for your dog to carry it. What are … Read more