Border Collie Puppies: Everything You Should Know

Border Collie puppy in the field

Who can stand in front of those fluffy, energetic puppies? I doubt that anybody can. I am sure you must have watched a YouTube or Facebook video with some fluffy Border Collies puppies and wanted to know more about them.

What are the different colors of a Border Collie puppy? What are their dimensions? Their energy levels? We will cover something unique in this post. This post will have a detailed overview of how to prepare your Border Collie puppy from a young age to be the perfect Border Collie!

Let’s follow the blog and find out everything you should know about Border Collie Puppies.

Border Collie Puppies are great friendly energetic dogs. They are perfect for any family that has kids as they are lovely around kids. Indeed they have some behavioral problems, and they’re not the friendliest puppies when coming to novice owners. A puppy costs between $1500 and $4500.

History Of Border Collies

We have covered the details of Border Collies’ history in a previous which would be a pleasure if you could quickly give it a read.

Generally, Border Collies are British dogs that migrated to different countries around the world like Australia and are well-known for their herding habits. They are popular service dogs that you might bump into them frequently.

They are also well-known for their athletic bodies that make them unique. This unique body has a master’s distinctive mind that is very smart and very obedient. That’s why Border Collies have been very popular over the years.

Border Collie Puppies’ Physical Properties

Because the word puppy is a general word that includes the early stage of dogs, we will cover the different physical properties according to the puppies’ age at 3 and 6 months old.

Property3 months old6 months old
Weight:Male: 5.8 -8 KG
Female: 5.1 – 7.6 KG
Male: 10.7-14.7 KG
Female: 9.3 -14 KG
Height:Male: 21 to 26 cm
Female: 17 to 22 cm
Male: 40 to 45 cm
Female: 36 to 41 cm
Length:Male: 20 to 35 cm
Female: 18 to 25 cm
Male: 46 to 56 cm
Female: 40 to 47 cm
The physical properties of Border Collie Puppies of 3 months and 6 months old

Other things like the coat, color, lifespan, AKC guidelines, etc. can be found in this previous post, where we have covered everything about Border Collies in detail. However, in this post, we are more focusing on puppies.

Therefore, there aren’t any more physical properties related to puppies that we can speak of.

Border Collie Puppies’ Characteristics

Energy Levels

Border Collie Puppies are typically ranked to be the most energetic puppies. While puppies’ energy differs from one puppy to another. But the overall breed is active.

If you’re athletic and love to have morning runs or have kids that you want to tire them, I am sure raising a Border Collie puppy will be the most suitable choice!

However, suppose you are looking for a dog that you will play with but won’t need very high tense exercise. In that case, you shall consider other breeds like Golden Retrievers.


When we speak of puppies, we ideally talk about how they will adapt to your lifestyle.

Border Collie puppies are well-known for their slow adaptability and their high-sensitivity. Therefore, all foster homes’ owners say that they hardly let go of a Border collie.

Border Collie Puppies will adapt themselves to your lifestyle quickly. However, they won’t tolerate lifestyle changes easily. That’s why if you’re well-known to travel a lot, you need to train your puppy from a young age to adapt himself.

Border Collie Puppies are highly sensitive. They will recognize any small changes in your lifestyle, so consider that when you are buying one.

Border Collie Puppies And Cold Weather

Indeed, no puppy can tolerate sweltering weather. However, Border Collie Puppies can tolerate warm weather.

This doesn’t mean to leave the puppy in a sunny day locked in a hot place. However, when coming to warm countries, Border Collie puppies will handle it correctly.

Border Collie Puppies And Cold Weather:

Border Collie Puppies can tolerate cold weather as well. They are perfect dogs for cold countries as well as a warm one.

Are Border Collie Puppies Suitable For Apartment Living?

Border Collie puppies are energetic, and this energy will lead to many early accidents in the apartment.

However, following the default puppy guidelines, you can avoid many of these accidents. Border Collies are highly curious breeds that will sniff around and will explore every single thing.

But always take into consideration that Border Collies aren’t the ideal dogs for small apartments without a backyard. They need to run and explore everything. If you have a small apartment, then it’s best to avoid this bread.

Moreover, Border Collies are smart and will adapt to the rules easily. So, you won’t have the problem of living in the apartment at the age of 6 months, for example (might differ slightly from one puppy to another.)

Are Border Collie Puppies Suitable For Outdoor Living?

While I am not a big fan of backyard life, Border Collie Puppies are very suitable for this kind of life.

If you have a large Border Collie puppy, you can leave him in the backyard if the weather allows this.

However, take care that Border Collie puppies aren’t the best to be left alone because they have high-tense separation anxiety.

So you always have to check on them and play with them frequently.

Are Border Collie Puppies Good For Children?

Generally, yes.

We have a more in-depth post about this particular subject that you can check to have more information.

Are Border Collie Puppies Good With Other Dogs?


Border Collie Puppies like to play! They will get along with any other dog around. However, you should always follow the training tips on how to raise two dogs together. But having a border collie will never cause any fights in the house.

Are Border Collie Puppies Friendly with Cats/Other animals?

I couldn’t find any definitive answer to that, some owners say yes, and others say no.

However, if you plan to have a cat or you already have a cat, then it’s best to make your dog used to cats from a young age. This way, you’ll make sure that your dog is ready to play with your cat from a very young age.

You can also check Zak George’s videos, he has a Border Collie Puppy and a cat, and he gives tips on how to introduce them to each other:

How to introduce your Border Collie Puppy to a cat.

Are Border Collie Puppies Suitable if you live in a crowded area?

For sure, Border Collie Puppies are very friendly towards strangers. They would love to see other people and interact with them. So you needn’t worry about this at all.

They are very friendly, and they would be easily trained without too much pain.

Are Border Collie Puppies Suitable For Families Or Independent People?

For me, I see that Border Collie Puppies cope best with families.

That’s because they love children, and they would love to run around happily. They would find many people to play with, and they are very gently.

Considering all of this, I am sure you would adore having a Border collie puppy in your family.

Can Border Collie Puppies be left alone?

One of the harsh disadvantages of Border Collie Puppies is their tendency to behavioral problems like Separation Anxiety.

Therefore, they aren’t suitable for 9-5 workers at all. You would need a dog sitter or a walker to help your dog but never leave them this time alone.

That’s why I always recommend getting a Border Collie if you have a family. This will make many people available to play with your dog if you’re away.

Do Border Collie Puppies Suffer From Behavioral Problems?

Unfortunately, yes, a lot.

Border Collie Puppies must be trained regularly. They are obedient as long as you provide them with regular training. If you neglect the training part, you will have a disaster.

They are brilliant dogs and can pick up any new behavior almost instantly, and this makes them very needy.

You always need to be there to correct their behaviors from an early stage; otherwise, you will suffer a lot.

Can Border Collie Puppies Be Trained Easily?

Very Easily, I have to admit.

However, picking up things fast will require you to always come up with new tricks. They love tricks.

You will see a Border Collie in every dog show. So, think about that when you think of training a Border Collie Puppy.

What About Novice Owners?

I am sorry, but Border Collies aren’t the best for new owners.

They are smart, easily-trained, playful, etc. But they require instant training, behavior corrections, and athletic exercises. For a new owner, then you must have previous experience to do all of this without an issue.

However, you can be a new owner, and up for a challenge, you would certainly like to have a Border Collie Puppy.

Shedding Requirements

Puppies don’t shed a lot. However, Border Collies generally (in their adult life) have a considerable amount of shedding. You can check this in our article here.

Medical Problems

Generally, Border Collie Puppies don’t suffer from any special medical problems.

This means that they can catch any disease like a healthy puppy but don’t have genetic medical problems or any specific medical problems to worry about.

They are healthy dogs in general, and you won’t suffer a lot with vets.

Are Border Collie Puppies Suitable For You?

Border Collie Puppies are great indeed. They are perfect for energetic, playful families/individuals. They are also perfect for remote workers and freelancers.

If you’re looking to have a beautiful playful, energetic dog, then indeed go for Border Collie. However, if you are a new owner or someone who wants a dog that can be tired easily, then you can look at other breeds like Golden Retrieves or Labradors.

Border Collie Puppies Prices

For top breed lines that are known to have a pedigree, championship, etc. The cost is between 1600$ and 4500$.

However, for average breeds, the cost is 600$. But it also depends on several factors and local breeders.

Border Collies Breeders

You can find all the breeders in this post that we covered earlier.


Border Collie Puppies are indeed great puppies. While they need a lot of exercise and high-intensity training, they are friendly and very playful. Having one of those furballs is indeed a blessing.

Don’t forget to always check our previous breed posts 😉

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