When Can A Puppy Eat Dry Food?

Labrador puppy eating a carrot

Puppies grow up so fast. When they are born all, they want is to crawl up and enjoy the warmth from their mother if present. They will also breastfeed or be it on a formula to reap the benefits needed for speedy growth. Once the puppy reaches a certain age, they need to be put … Read more

How Long Can Puppies Hold Their Pee?

dog peeing to a tree

After you bring home your puppy, the first couple of months will involve quite some sleepless nights and some little yellow puddles here and there. You might wonder how long it will take before your puppy can hold its pee. How Long Can Puppies Hold their Pee? In general, a puppy can control its bladder … Read more

When Can Puppies Do Stairs Safely?

Cute little puppy climbing steps

Nothing is cuter than a puppy who has just arrived home and still sniffing around. We all know how lovely these videos of little puppies who are trying to hop over the stairs. Or the videos which show daddies trying to teach puppies how to do stairs! These videos may be the cutest video we … Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of Parvovirus In Puppies?

Cute puppies laying on the floor

Parvovirus is one of the common diseases for puppies; it is highly contagious and has deadly consequences. Accordingly, everyone dealing with puppies should be aware of the parvo symptoms, handle the infected puppy, and prevent the infection. Symptoms of Parvovirus in puppies are: Severe vomiting Profuse diarrhea with blood in the stools Fever Lethargy and … Read more

Can Puppies Eat Banana?

Dog eating a banana from a hand

The daily love we receive from our puppies is truly priceless and should always be cherished. In return, we do our best to keep them happy and give them all the delicious treats we can muster. Some treats are better than others, so what about bananas. Can puppies eat a banana? Yes, puppies can eat … Read more

Can Puppies Eat Dental Sticks?

Black Labrador biting on a pink toy

All the puppies chew, spelling unhappiness for your furniture and your assortment of shoes. Adapted chew toys help your little one to satisfy this desire and keep your belongings.  Can puppies eat dental sticks? Despite their name, chew sticks may not be a decent choice for a puppy, as they can be dangerous for such … Read more

When Can Puppies Use Flea Collars?

Dog showing his flea collar

Knock, knock, it’s summertime. On saying summertime, we usually remember the pool and the off-leash walks in the woods to play with our dogs. BBQ times, family gatherings, and going outside with your dog with no limitations are all fantastic things that happen mostly in summer. But we can’t forget an essential little enemy waiting … Read more