Can Puppies Eat Banana?

Dog eating a banana from a hand

The daily love we receive from our puppies is truly priceless and should always be cherished. In return, we do our best to keep them happy and give them all the delicious treats we can muster. Some treats are better than others, so what about bananas. Can puppies eat a banana? Yes, puppies can eat … Read more

Can Puppies Eat Dental Sticks?

Black Labrador biting on a pink toy

All the puppies chew, spelling unhappiness for your furniture and your assortment of shoes. Adapted chew toys help your little one to satisfy this desire and keep your belongings.  Can puppies eat dental sticks? Despite their name, chew sticks may not be a decent choice for a puppy, as they can be dangerous for such … Read more

When Can Puppies Use Flea Collars?

Dog showing his flea collar

Knock, knock, it’s summertime. On saying summertime, we usually remember the pool and the off-leash walks in the woods to play with our dogs. BBQ times, family gatherings, and going outside with your dog with no limitations are all fantastic things that happen mostly in summer. But we can’t forget an essential little enemy waiting … Read more