When Can Puppies Learn To Swim?

Two puppies playing at the beach

Who’s ready for the pool party? Com’on, who else wishes to have some enjoyable time with his/her dog while playing inside the water? I believe swimming with my dog is one of the sweetest things I can ever do. However, we are always afraid to take the first steps. While dogs are proven to be … Read more

Does My Puppy Need Vitamins?

black and white dalmatian puppy eating fruits

Having a sick puppy is a nightmare for all of us, and I knew it myself as I have been there once. I mean, what’s worse than a sick puppy who is vomiting everywhere? Costly vet invoices? And a mess everywhere? So does my puppy need vitamins? Adding some vitamins to my dog’s diet has … Read more

When Can I Take My Puppy For A Walk?

13 weeks old golden labrador puppy outside

You have got a puppy after waiting that long, and now you are waiting for the moment when this guy grows up and become your best pal and go out with you. You wonder when can I take my puppy for a walk? I have been in your situation, and I know how excited you … Read more

When Can A Puppy Leave Its Mom?

eleven puppies with their mom

Most breeders prefer to release the puppy from their mom too early; they want to save themselves the effort of dealing with the newly active puppies. And to reduce the expenses of keeping the puppy two or three weeks more. So, sometimes we might want to ask ourselves, when can a puppy leave his mom? … Read more

How Long Should You Feed A Dog Puppy Food?

Feeding a puppy a bottle of milk

Basically, puppy food is essential for young and growing dogs’ nutritional needs; from the time he is weaned from his mother’s milk till the time he can safely eat adult dog food, but what’s good about puppy food? And how long should you feed a dog puppy food? Will it harm adult dogs if they … Read more

Can Puppies Eat Peanut Butter?

peanut butter jar

Peanut butter is usually a nice treat for dogs. You may notice that your dog appears suddenly in the kitchen when you are trying to open the peanut butter jar. Dogs love it because they are fun to eat. Personally, Kira may toss everything for a lick of peanut butter. But can puppies eat peanut … Read more

When Can A Puppy Go To A Dog Park?

Puppy at a dog park playing with a branch

Having a dog in the house with no sufficient area for playing is a problem. A good solution would be to go to a dog park. It’s an excellent opportunity for an off-leash play and social activity for your dog. Dog parks usually facilitate the mingling of breeds; they act as a gathering area for … Read more

At What Age Can Puppies Go To Kennels?

If you’re going on a vacation for a week or two, traditionally, the popular option would be putting the dog in a boarding kennel rather than a pet sitter. It can be a great place to make sure your dog stays safe while you’re away. You might be worried about leaving your dog in an … Read more