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Akita, the Japanese breed, is a real samurai. That breed is very unique, with his own lovers who admire him. This dog is a large dog who isn’t advised for new or amateur owners at all. Through this article and over the next articles, we will go through everything related to this breed. However, in this article, we will start with simple things. The next ones will cover broader topics. So, if you are interested to buy Akita, it’s best to see this guide. Without further introduction, let’s start by looking at the history of this breed.


According to Wikipedia, the Akita is a large dog who was bred originally in mountainous regions of northern Japan, then was bred in America.

The Akitas are named like that due to Japanese names. However, there weren’t any large breeds in Japan. From 1603 in the Akita prefecture of Honshū, the medium-sized bear-hunting Akita Matagi dogs were used in dogfighting. From 1868, these dogs were crossed with Tosas and Mastiffs. As a result, their size increased but their Spitz-type similarities were lost.

During World War 2 government ordered all non-military dogs to be evacuated. Attempts to cross breed them with American Shepherds where done to save them from military. The ancestors of the American Akita were a cross breed of a variety of japanese Akita. The form was not desired in Japan, because the markings made them not qualified for show competitions.

However, there is now a debate among the Akita, because there are two types of Akitas. The American Akita and the Japanese Akita which are both officially allowed by AKC. And below, we can take a further look at the mysterious and loyal Akita dogs!

Physical Properties of Akita

The Akitas have a unique appearance, with their bear-like head and erect ears that are similar to German Shepherds’ ears. They have a strong muscular body with a straight back. They are large dogs that are known for their speed, strong teeth, muscular body, high jump and beautiful look.

Yes! They look cute, however, don’t get fooled by their look as they can rip you into pieces easily. They are known to be hardy dogs that not suitable to new or amateur owners at all.

Akita Inu Dog breed vector infographics. This dog breed from Japan

Mature males measure typically 26-28 inches (66-71 cm) at the withers and weigh between 100-130 lb (45-59 kg). Mature females typically measure 24-26 inches (61-66 cm) and weigh between 70-100 lb (32-45 kg).

The weird thing about Akitas is they can have any color you can imagine in dogs. They can be white, brown, off-white, solid black, etc.

They are also double-coated with medium length hair that makes similar to German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. Which makes them shed a lot and we will dive deeper into this area in a moment. However, they have a very strong body too! They are known to be very fast and never give up easily.

So we can summarize the physical properties of Akitas in the table below:

Type:Large dogs
Weight:100-130 lb for males
70-100 lb for females.
Height:26-28 inches for males.
24-26 inches for females.
Hair:Double coat with medium length.
Famous Colors:Black, White, Chocolate, and a combination of any white and any color.

Do Akitas Shed a Lot

Akitas have a double coat which makes them need to shed regularly, however, brushing them every day will help a lot as their hair length is medium. But there are times during the year where they will shed excessively and during that time you will need to adapt yourself to furry beds. And by the way, you won’t be able to tell them not to get up on your couch or bed.

The Temperament of Akita

Akitas, as we mentioned, are really weird dogs. Here we can have a quick overview of their temperament:

Good About Akitas

  • Dominant Dogs: Akitas are known to be leaders, they will be dominant in any place. They are known to be house leaders and no other dog can take their place.
  • Guarding and Alerting: Akitas are very guarding, they will be able to keep your house free of any threats. You can depend on them to get rid of any type of threats.
  • Loyal Dogs: In fact, they are considered to be the most loyal dog! Can you believe this? If you brought up your dog with love, you could make sure that you will have a friend that will never leave you no matter what! However, if you disrespected him, he will never stick to you no matter what you do.
  • Reliable dogs: If you could bring up a good Akita, then you can rely on him to do anything you want.
  • High energetic dogs: Usually, it’s known that large dogs don’t have much energy, but Akita proved the opposite. Akitas are large dogs with lots of energy that needs exercising regularly.
  • Clean dog: Akita isn’t a dog that will play in the mud like Golden Retriever, generally Akita likes to keep himself clean.

Bad About Akitas

  • Aggressive: In fact, bringing up an aggressive Akita is easier than anything. That’s why you have to train your dog with respect. No matter what you do, never hit or shout at Akita because this can turn him into a killing machine.
  • Dangerous dog: Akita is well known in AKC as a dangerous dog to have without awareness of its power.
  • Not very good with kids: In fact, if you have children in your house, then it’s best to stick away from this breed. It can live with children, but there will be some risk involved. So, it’s better to see other breeds if you have children.
  • Don’t like to live with the same Gender: It is a known problem in Akita, if you brought two male Akitas then you will probably see one of them killed in weeks. They are known to be pack leaders and only leaders in the house.
  • Early training is a must: If you got Akita, then you must know well how to train dogs and you must start early so you can bring up a good one! By the way, Akitas aren’t stubborn at all. However, they want to feel respected so they can respect you in return.

Generally, if you are looking for a cute dog to be around you only then Akita isn’t your best choice. However, if you want a reliable dog that is really acting well with you and has a mix of playfulness, intelligence, and bossy character. Then Akita is your best choice.

Akita’s Health

Akitas are well dogs, however, they have some health-related issues like Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, Sebaceous adenitis, Pemphigus foliaceus, etc.

However, these are immune diseases that happen due to backyard breeding so they shouldn’t be your greatest concern if you bought your puppy from a reputable breeder.

Akita Breeders

There are dozens and dozens of reputable Akita breeders all over the world, however, we can’t mention all of them here. But here are some of them.

Royal Akitas CHILLICOTHE, MO Starting from $3500
Aces-Up AkitasN/A$800 – $3000
Akita Club Of America USAN/A

and the list goes more. However, never ever buy your dog from a backyard breeder as this will really lead to lots of struggles.


Akitas are really beautiful dogs if they got up with a good owner. They will be reliable, guarding and loyal. They will be a perfect mix of all everything you need. However, if you are new to dog training world or you are a new owner, then it’s best to stay away from this breed until you gain much more experience.

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However, write a comment below describing your experience with Akitas!

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