Mini Huskies: Everything You Could Want To Know

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Indeed, huskies are the most adorable, funniest and cutest dogs we’ve ever seen. They are known for there amazing childish and stubborn personality which makes them unique. So what will happen if we make them extra cute, by making them Mini Huskies?

“Mini Husky is the small-sized dog in the Husky breed, typically between 14 – 17 inches. Mini Huskies often live between 12 – 14 years. These dogs are cute, talkative and yet extremely stubborn”

It is generally known that Huskies aren’t willing to hear you. They won’t follow your lead easily except if you trained them well and had an amazing bond with them. It is also known that Mini dogs have the same character. So, imagine if we combined both, would we have a cute dog or a very stubborn dog?


In this article Mini Huskies: Everything You Could Want to Know, we don’t give a quick overview of Mini Huskies, instead, we go through a step by step guide and cover everything you would want to know about Mini Huskies so you could have the complete image.

History of Huskies:

The Siberian Husky first appeared in the United States 12,000 years ago.

However, it wasn’t until 1930 that the Siberian Husky was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

They are known for their bad naughty behavior and their willingness to disobey everything you know but they also have amazing shape and an unbelievable quantity of energy.

Why do Mini Huskies Exist?

Mini Huskies unlike Mini Rottweilers, have a pedigree and they are known dogs. So why would I bother buying a smaller Husky?

Generally, Some people don’t have the right space, time or energy to grow up a full-sized Husky and that’s why Mni Huskies appeared.

They have a similar quite shape, a talkative voice & childish personality but a fewer amount of energy. That makes them perfect for people who are working the whole day and don’t have time to walk their dogs a lot.

And as I mentioned before, they do have a pedigree. However, as any Mini Dog, they have some health-related issues which we will cover in the next heading.

Physical Properties:

Huskies have always had unique properties. In fact, it is very easy to determine Huskies from a long distance. It is known that they have a very similar appearance to Arctic wolves. With bilingual colored eyes (most of the time), that makes them really unique. They have beautiful double coats usually in brown, white and black colors.

Their height can reach up to 16 inches and they can weigh up to 35 pounds. With weak muscular body and short legs.

However, they have high speed and very agile body which makes them a good partner if you love exercising in the morning.

Mini Huskies Temperament:

In fact, this one of the most important things to look at it before buying a Husky at all. Here we can list most of Mini Huskies’ temperaments:

  • Lovely Dogs: One of the first things to point out is that Mini Huskies are really lovely and playful dogs. They’re not the type of dogs that will be aggressive or bitty. Whatever happened, Mini Huskies are known to be very lovely and will never hurt you whatever you do to them. You can also make sure that they are very good with children and will never do any harm to them whatever happened.
  • Stubborn: Any husky owner can relate to this, most of the Huskies are really stubborn. They will do what they want no matter how you try hard to convince them of the opposite. They will do what they want whatever they want.
  • Talkative: Like their ancestors, Mini Huskies have a talkative way that is similar to wolves, where they howl and make sounds similar to human voices. If you don’t want noisy dogs, then don’t buy Mini Huskies.
  • Aren’t easily trained: Because they are stubborn, they won’t be trained easily. You need to read a lot about training in order for you to train them well.
  • Not Alerting at all: In fact, they are friendly to any person. If you want a dog to guard you, then stay away from Huskies at all. Because they are friendly to murderers, thieves, and any person whether he is part of your family or not.
  • Very curious dogs: One of the funniest things about Mini Huskies that they are really curious. They will want to know everything that is happening and explore every part of your house. That’s why you have to keep them out of your backyard until they reach 3.5 months as they will try to learn everything about your backyard.
  • Very intelligent dogs: In fact, that’s very contradicting to the above. But, it’s true. They are very very intelligent. They can discover ways to do anything. If you used their intelligence well, you can train them to do anything at any time and have really incredible dogs.
  • Not energetic: Unlike their ancestors, they are not energetic dogs at all which is contradicting to normal Huskies and that also makes them perfect if you would like to have a moderate dog that doesn’t go always crazy.

Mini Huskies’ Health:

Great, you have decided to buy a Mini Husky, let me walk you through some health-related problems of Mini Huskies. Before that, let’s have a quick jump into:

How Did People Breed Mini Huskies?

So remember when we covered in this article, the ways of breeding down large dogs to smaller ones?

Mini Huskies are bred down from large Huskies by genetic modification. That’s why they have a pedigree because they have the same genes as large Huskies. So, they are considered to be the same breed but just smaller in size.

So, Mini Husky is a pure breed with a pedigree. However, we mentioned that when breeding down large dogs to mini ones by genetic modification, we would face a lot of problems like many Health Issues.

First, Mini Huskies are known to have a very week immunity system just makes them prone to many diseases. Parvo disease is one of the most popular diseases that can infect Mini Huskies, Distemper is also a disease that you should worry about when getting a Mini Husky. As a matter of fact, these aren’t the only 2 diseases that can affect Mini Huskies, bone-related issues like Hip Displaysia are very popular in Mini Huskies. However, they also have other Health-related issues which are:

Stomach Issues:

Breeding down a large dog by genetic modification isn’t the best possible option, because this also affects other parts of the dog.

Mini Huskies may suffer a lot from stomach aches, they will have diarrhea if they were bred from a backyard breeder. That’s why we should emphasize that you should always buy your Mini Husky from a reputable breeder. We will cover some of the popular Mini Huskies breeders downwards whom you might find useful.

Mini Huskies and Shedding:

Mini Huskies are double coats, so you will probably have a struggling time with fur in every place. So, if you don’t like hair or you don’t want to have hairy beds. Then it is best to stay away from double-coated dogs.

After Bringing a Mini Husky Home:

So you might worry on the overall health of your puppy when you first get him, as I mentioned above he will be weak (or strong if you are lucky). That will force you to be extra careful when letting him out or when walking him more than any other dog. However, it is advisable for Mini Huskies to not be introduced to any other older dogs until they hit 3 and half months old -and they must have taken all the necessary shots for sure. If you decided to buy more than one Mini Husky at the same time, it is advisable to separate them at first to make sure that if one of them has an illness, the other doesn’t get it!

I know you have to be extra careful, but that will be better than giving them treatments, right?

It is also advisable not to use any other older dog’s items like a harness or leash. Try to buy for each one of them his own items and obviously his own plate to eat.

Last but not least, you can’t let your dog to your backyard or walk him until he reaches 3 and a half months! Try to look after him carefully and make sure that he doesn’t eat anything from the street, be careful because they have bad immunity system as I mentioned before, after all, it is better than paying much money to vets, isn’t it?

Mini Huskies’ Breeders:

As I said earlier, I can’t emphasize how important it is to choose a good reputable breeder. Generally, if you bought a genetically modified dog from a backyard breeder. You will end up having him dead.

Because of that, you always have to make sure you buying your dog from a good reputable breeder to cut down health-related issues as much as possible. Some of the most famous breeders are:

Beloved Little Huskies:

A puppy brings joy and laughter as it becomes a loyal companion ever after

Beloved Little Huskies

They are one of the most famous breeders that have been breeding Mini Huskies for a while now, you can see their website here.

In fact there are other breeders which we can’t list them here, however, you can find them at this article. Which covers all the registered breeders that you would like to know.


Mini Huskies are very cute, childish and stubborn. They are very suitable for small houses and for people who don’t have enough time to exercise their dogs. They are cute and handsome dogs that you will fall in love with whenever you see them. However, they are weak and need extra care at first and they will be a trouble if you got them from a backyard breeder.

If you are interested in many dogs, you can look at our latest articles about Mini Rottweilers, Mini Dalmatians, Mini American Shepherds and much more on our blog. Leave a comment downwards telling us how do you think about this breed. And if you think that this article has helped you, would you please consider sharing it among your friends?

Also, wait for our next article about the aggressive Akitas!

Have a nice day 😉 !

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